‘Peyton Place’ Star Barbara Rush Reflected on Working With Frank Sinatra

by Taylor Cunningham

Peyton Place star Barbara Rush worked alongside dozens of classic Hollywood actors in her day. But Frank Sinatra was her favorite.

Most people know Sinatra as a legendary jazz crooner, which, of course, he was. And he had 15 Grammys to prove it. But he was also an Oscar-winning actor.

So when Barbara Rush first met the muti talented icon, she was a bit of a “basketcase.” And she told the story of the meeting to Classic Movie Hub during a 2020 interview.

The two had their introduction on the set of Robin and the 7 Hoods. And Rush wasn’t just nervous to meet Sinatra because he was a legend, she was also nervous because she needed to ask him a favor.

Apparently, the Rat Pack member did not like to rehearse his lines before the cameras began to roll. But Barbara Rush needed to do a run-through before filming her first scene with Sinatra.

So she called up a friend to ask for advice.

“I was so nervous that I called Carolyn Jones who had just worked with Frank. And she told me what to do,” said Rush. “I came up to him on set and said, ‘Mr. Sinatra, can I talk to you?’ And then said, ‘First of all, call me Frank, what can I do for you, Barbara?’ And I said, ‘I’m from the stage and I know you don’t like rehearsing, but I have to rehearse at least one time. I don’t think I can do the scene otherwise.’ And he said, ‘Baby doll, of course, I can do that for you. CLEAR THE SET! Barbara and I are going to rehearse.'”

From that day forward, Barabara Rush and Frank Sinatra were friends. And they even went on to film a second film together in 1963 called Come Blow your Horn.

‘Peyton Place’ Star Barbara Rush Found a Second Round of Fame With a Commercial

At 95 years old, Barbara Rush is finding a second sort of fame with a hilarious television commercial.

Until recently, the last major role that Rush had was Ruth Camden on 7th Heaven. But now she’s breaking back into the industry with a Wilshire Coin ad.

In it, she plays a rich old lady who’s still got it—if you know what we mean.

“I play this lady who comes in and dumps a lot of coins on the counter,” Rush told Fox News in 2018. “And I say, ‘That’s just from my first husband.'”

And apparently, the Batman actress has gotten a lot of recognition from the commercial.

“I have gotten more fan mail for that!” she added. “Every time I go out… [People] say, ‘Are you that lady from the commercial?’ ”

But Rush gets why, and she said anyone who watches it will, too.

“You would just love it because it’s funny,” she noted.