Photo of Late ‘Andy Griffith Show’ Stars Betty Lynn and Don Knotts Sells for Small Fortune

by Kati Michelle

We know our Outsiders are classic TV lovers, so two names should sound very familiar: Betty Lynn and Don Knotts. Both starred on the classic “Andy Griffith Show” with Don Knotts portraying Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife and Betty Lynn portraying Thelma Lou, his patient girlfriend. Sadly, Betty passed away at the age of 95 last year following the death of Don Knotts back in 2006.

Recently, Betty Lynn’s estate put up several items for auction, many of which reference her time on the “Andy Griffith Show.” One picture, in particular, is gaining a lot of attention not only for its contents but the price it sold for as well.

Fans Willing to Fork Over Crazy Amounts of Money to Remember the Beloved ‘Andy Griffith Show’ Cast

The Betty Lynn estate held their auction online and it spanned from December 17th to the year’s end. Several items drew in four figures including one particular framed image of Don Knotts and Betty Lynn together. When the estate sale was said and done, the “Andy Griffith Show” inspired drawing fetched nearly $7k.

The winning bid stood at exactly $6,500 for the 12.5-by-10.5 inch drawing and was also the highest single bid on any item from the auction. The drawing appears to come from Henry E. Kidd who signed and dated it with October 14th, 2017.

You can see the beautiful photo here:

Not every item had nostalgia tied to “The Andy Griffith Show,” however. The next best-selling items appeared to come from Betty Lynn’s personal furniture collection. A 12-drawer Huntington side cabinet with a marble top sold for over $4k while a black-and-white recipe box decorated with a floral pattern sold for nearly $3k. The box appeared to contain hand-written recipes, though the exact contents remain a mystery.

Still, the lowest bid-on item, a frame for a roll-away bed, sold for just a buck.

A full list of the items and bids can be accessed here.

Betty Lynn Describes Don Knotts’ Emotional Last Day on Set

Betty Lynn only ever had positive things to say about her experience with “The Andy Griffith Show.” She even wrote about it in Don Knotts’ daughter’s memoir saying:

“I couldn’t wait to go to set, because I loved doing it so much. And everybody on it was wonderful, as actors. They were all great to work with. And that doesn’t happen every day of the week in show business today.”

The hardest day for her was Don Knotts’ last day on set:

“When Don did his last show, that was it for me, I was gone. I went to the ladies’ room and cried and cried. Ron also cried. Barney was my purpose for being there.”