PHOTO: Sharon Osbourne Tries Pulling Off ‘Domestic Country Singer Look’

by Maggie Schneider

Sharon Osbourne is making a surprising fashion statement in her latest Instagram post. Fans say that she can pull off any look.

Sharon Osbourne is known for her fashion choices. In the typical Osbourne style, fans have seen her rock all-black ensembles with her vivid red hair for years. There is usually a punk or goth edge to the star’s wardrobe. Now, Sharon Osbourne is surprising her fans with what she calls “the domestic country singer look.” Sporting pearls and a light pink gown, the star looks nothing like her usual self.

Both images Osbourne posts show a completely different side of the star. Her hair is even different. In the first image, she is rocking bangs and a teased bob that sits above her head. The second picture shows Osbourne with even longer hair, draped against one shoulder. She thanks digital artist Ronald McDonkey for the inspiration. McDonkey is known for “twisting pop culture” by editing celebrities into unexpected ensembles and situations.

Osbourne asks her fans if she can pull off this different look. The response is overwhelmingly positive.

“They could do a reboot and cast you as Miss Yvonne! Love it,” one fan says.

“Absolutely gorgeous just like Dolly!! You definitely got this Mrs. O,” another writes.

Some fans suggest that Sharon and her husband Ozzy should dress up like two of country’s biggest icons: Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.

“Ozzy should dress and look like Johnny cash that would be amazing!”

Sharon Osbourne’s Animal Updates

Fans of Sharon Osbourne know about her love of animals. Loving every minute of being a pet mom, Osbourne shares her favorite moments with fans. She even has a portion of her website dedicated to showcasing her animals. As of August 2020, the star had nine dogs and two cats. Knowing the star’s habit, however, she could have adopted more since.

Calling them “her pack,” Osbourne loves smaller dog breeds. She owns a Maltese mix, a Yorkie mix, a Shih-Tzu, Pomeranians, and Pomskies (Pomeranian and Siberian Huskey mixes). All of the dogs breeds grow up to 12-15 pounds at most.

“My pets have taught me that I mostly prefer animals to people. Regarding the second question, unfortunately, I cannot divulge any intimate details or private confidences with my dogs,” she says.

In an interview with Pets By Nature, Osbourne simply shares her favorite part about being a pet owner.

“My favorite part is how they light up my home. There are no challenging parts. It’s all great!”

We hope to see more animal updates on her feed very soon.