PHOTOS: Betty White’s Friends Celebrated Her 96th Birthday With a Scrabble-Themed Party

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

While enjoying some sweet memories of the late Betty White, her assistant, Kiersten, revealed that friends held a Scrabble-themed birthday party for the Hollywood Icon’s 96th birthday in 2018.

“Betty LOVED games! For her 96th Birthday, we surprised her with scrabble-themed party. So much fun!” Kiersten declared on Instagram. Along with snaps of the 96th birthday cake, the post also had pictures of decorations from Betty White’s Scrabble-themed party. 

The sweet tribute to Betty White came just days after the late Hollywood Icon’s 100th birthday. As part of the celebration, White’s fans from around the world donated to animal organizations that were near and dear to her throughout the years.

“[Betty White] could never have imagined such an outpouring of love and would have [been] so grateful to everyone,” Kiersten shared in a Facebook post earlier this week. Her assistant also stated that White was using her 100th birthday to celebrate her fans. “She knew how lucky she was; she felt the love, and she never took it for granted.”

Betty White’s assistant recently announced that she is taking over the late actress’ social media accounts. “Betty’s estate has very graciously offered me the opportunity to manage Betty’s social media accounts moving forward. I am so grateful, and look forward to posting fun and meaningful memories.”

Kiersten went on to add that she hopes Betty White’s social media accounts will become a place to promote the things that mattered to her the most. Which were animals, the environment, and being kind. 

Betty White’s Friend Tom Sullivan Pays Tribute to the Late Actress 

On Thursday (January 20th), Betty White’s assistant Kiersten took to the late actress’ Facebook account to share a special personal tribute to the late actress from her friend Tom Sullivan. The duo were friends for over 50 years and met while he was performing at a small club on Cape Cod. 

“It was Betty and [her husband] Allen [Ludden] who opens the doors to my show business career,” Sullivan declared. “Making sure that every talk show host of the day learned about young Tom Sullivan. When I did The Tonight Show for the first time with Johny Carson, I think Betty was ben more excited than Iw as about my performance.”

Sullivan also revealed that while he and Betty White shared the highs and lows of their show business careers over the years, other elements became far more important in their friendship. The duo’s animal connection deepened as White invited Sullivan to join the board of directors of The Morris Animal Foundation.

Sullivan went on to add, “At those meetings, I saw another side of my friend. None of us worked to understand the complexity of the science with Betty’s laser focus. She had the discipline of a great researcher. And her intelligence served as a constant beacon that kept our board on the right path to solutions to the major health issues affecting all the animals she loved.”