‘Pictionary’ Game Show Hosted By Jerry O’Connell Heading to Fox in 2022

by Samantha Whidden

Guess what, Pictionary fans? the hit board will reportedly become a game show on Fox next year, with The Talk star Jerry O’Connell as its host.

Deadline reveals that following a successful test run this past summer, Pictionary will have a full season on Fox in fall 2022. The show will be 30-minutes and will follow the same rules as the board game. Two teams of three payers will each have a celebrity captain. One player will notably draw images that depict a word or phrase found on a card. And fellow teammates will have to guess the correct word or phrase. 

The media outlet reports that Pictionary will be produced by Fox First Run along with Bill’s Market and Television Production. It will be distributed by CBS Media Ventures. Speaking about the show’s development, Jonathan Bingaman, EVP of Sales at CMV, stated, “After a successful summer run on FOX stations, we’re excited to continue our relationship with FOX. And roll out Pictionary to the rest of the country.”

Bingaman also shared with Deadline that game shows have been delivering “impressive” ratings and growth regardless of the daypart. “So this is a great opportunity for stations to add another well-known franchise to their lineups.”

Frank Cicha, EVP of Programming for FOX Television Stations, went on to add that the partnership with CBS Media Ventures produced an entertaining program that is worthy of a national launch. “We needed to bring Jerry O’Connell Back to teach me the game because I still stink at it.”

Jerry O’Connell Says His Children Are Growing Up With ‘Pictionary’ 

According to Deadline, Jerry O’Connell stated that he has grown up playing Pictionary and now his children are growing up playing the game. “All these tension-filled years of yelling, ‘What is that supposed be’ and ‘Draw faster, Grandma,’ have culminated in this moment,” he explained. 

He then declared that Pictionary will make daytime TV interesting. “Sharpen those pencils. Daytime just got a little more exciting.”

O’Connell spoke about Pictionary’s test run over the summer with Extra. “It’s just such a fun game, Pictionary… It’s just one of those multi-generational games. I mean, even grandma can get in on it, you know? She’s gotta draw a little faster, grandma… It’s just a fun game.”

O’Connell went on to explain that the test run was actually necessary for the game show. “We like to test things and see how they work in tests. I hope it does well because we had so much fun doing it.”

Deadline went on to add that Pictionary will be executive produced by David Hurwitz and Noah Bonnett. Fred Soulie, SVP and GM of Mattel Television as well as Phil Breman, VP Live-Action, are also co-exec producers for Mattel.