‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares ‘Appreciation Post’ for Chef Trey

by Amy Myers

Within her many years of mastering the craft of the kitchen, Ree Drummond has met plenty of fellow talented culinary artists that are just as passionate as her. Through these interactions, Drummond has not only created a network of experts that have helped with her projects but she’s also gained a few life-long friends along the way.

Drummond frequently shares her appreciation for the individuals that have changed or helped her life in one way or another, and earlier today, she continued that trend.

Meet Trey Wilson, a culinary school graduate and close friend of Ree Drummond and her kids. According to the Pioneer Woman, she met Wilson early on in his career and recently reconnected with him. Because of their shared interests and close bond, Drummond felt comfortable enough inviting Wilson to be a part of her own professional team. Since then, the two chefs have become an iconic team, constantly looking for new projects to tackle and ceilings to break.

“I first met him when he was a young (early twenties!) culinary graduate about ten (?) years ago,” Ree Drummond explained in her post. “He was in and out of my work life as a freelancer during that time, then he eventually went on to be a restaurant chef and I hardly ever saw him. I always missed him, though, as he was just one of those people who either knew exactly what to do or quickly figured it out—and he was always such a good guy to work with. Kind, fun, easy-going…and super busy/productive!”

How Trey Wilson Has Kept Ree Drummond Busy

Of course, Wilson’s journey didn’t end as a restaurant chef, and soon enough, he would find himself in Drummond’s path once again.

“Then, as luck would have it, our stars aligned four years ago this month and he began working for me full time,” Drummond said in the Instagram post. “What a great day that was for me—during that time, we’ve done two cookbooks, countless video projects, big commercial shoots…oh, and there was this small matter of filming my cooking show during a pandemic. Trey’s old enough to be my buddy and peer, but young enough that my kids all just love him and think he’s their friend and not mine.”

According to Ree Drummond, without Wilson, she’d be watching a whole lot more Bravo, but she’s happy that the spry father of two daughters has managed to keep her professional plate full of new adventures and experiences.

Likewise, Wilson seems to have shown some love in the other direction, promoting Drummond’s cookbooks on his own Instagram page, further proving just how strong of work and personal relationships they have.