‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Celebrates Her Birthday By ‘Fulfilling a Longtime Dream’

by Jonathan Howard

When the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond celebrates her birthday, she makes sure to celebrate the right way. That’s right, Queen karaoke.

It appears that Drummond has as good of a taste in music as she does with food in the kitchen. The TV home-cook has entertained for years. Now, she is entertaining her followers on social media a little differently. With her kids almost all grown up and out of the house, she is getting to do things with them that she couldn’t do when they were younger.

For those that don’t know, today is the Pioneer Woman‘s birthday. There’s a lot to celebrate on one’s birthday, but family might be one of the best things. Apparently, Drummond has wanted to do something for years that took a little encouragement from her daughters in order to go all-in. Sing Don’t Stop Me Now karaoke. Check out the Instagram post below.

It looks like she had a great time with her daughters up there. Drummond’s caption was great as well. “Today’s my birthday, so I’mpsoting a photo and a brief (thankfully) video of me recently fulfilling a longtime dream of singing “Don’t Stop Me Now” on karaoke. Somehow I always sounded a little better in my dream… but my daughters were with me, which made for an especially wonderful memory! (Music video cinematography by Mauricio.)”

So, this was a full family affair it seems. Mauricio is Drummond’s son-in-law, married to her daughter Alex. Drummond has a very good relationship with her children of course, but also Mauricio. He seems to be around for everything important.

Don’t worry too much Ree, karaoke isn’t supposed to be perfect. Save that for your Pioneer Woman dishes and treats.

Mauricio and the ‘Pioneer Woman’

Now, Mauricio is one of the newest members of the Drummond family. However, he seems to always be with the Pioneer Woman especially recently. While the family was vacationing in Vail, Colorado, the two ended up in a store when a dog entered the picture.

In a great video, thankfully captured once again by Mauricio, Drummond is sitting on the floor, smiling and petting the resident canine. She was supposed to be buying a present for her brother-in-law. However, priorities clearly took over when the dog came into the picture.

While the Pioneer Woman keeps a pretty wholesome profile, she can enjoy some of the more non-PG things in life. Singing karaoke at a bar late at night for instance. Or, having a shot of tequila while sitting on the floor of a clothing store in Colorado and petting a dog. I mean, she can do it all.