‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Cooks Up a Hearty Dinner for the Fam in New Post

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

It looks like the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is filming again and fixing up a nice hearty meal for her family.

Of course, a beautiful and delicious meal from Drummond is going to be shared on her Instagram. With new episodes of her show being taped, she is getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully, that means more great videos like this lastest one.

It looks like the cold has gotten to the Pioneer Woman and her family out on the ranch. So to fight back, Drummond whipped up some chili and cornbread. It was a “packed house,” which is usually the case nowadays at the Oklahoma ranch. Check out the post below and see for yourself.

Drummond mentioned who all was over for the big dinner in the post. “Dinner tonight,” the caption reads. “For Ladd, Todd, Ladd’s wife, and Todd’s mom. Does that mean I get two dinners?”

The chili was sizzling, has a healthy amount of beans in the mix, and the Pioneer Woman had her sarcasm on high. Todd is the only child that is still at home. So, it was Ladd’s wife (Ree) and Todd’s mom (also, Ree). While the company around the company is a little spare, it sounds like a good time and looks like a great meal.

With new episodes of the Pioneer Woman coming to Food Network in recent days, fans are so excited. She even has some of her family members involved, as usual. Her daughters, Alex and Paige along with son-in-law Mauricio, helped film recently. While they aren’t a professional crew, they sure know how to get the scene just right.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Shakes Off the Haters

It is hard to believe but some folks think that Ree Drummond is “unprofessional” in the kitchen. She has had her Pioneer Woman show for years, and there are always going to be haters. However, Drummond has been able to deal with those criticisms over the years. She joked about it recently in an Instagram post.

“While most of the feedback I receive on our self-shot cooking show is positive,” the Pioneer Woman said. The video showed her cooking a pot pie. “I do hear from the occasional viewer who takes issue with the lack of professionalism and decorum displayed in the kitchen. I used to read those messages and scratch my head, not really understanding what they meant… but then I watch a clip like this and totally get it.”

The clip shows her two daughters and Mauricio, Alex’s husband. While the married couple fights over the first bite of the great meal, everyone laughs as Paige tries to keep the camera steady. It’s a clip that shows the best of the Pioneer Woman and the Drummond family.