‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Drops Sneak Peek From Upcoming Episode

by Megan Molseed

Ree Drummond is going full-on fancy for the upcoming episode of her popular Food Network series, The Pioneer Woman. From her fancy – and certainly delicious – recipes down to her attire for the day, Ree Drummond has pulled out all the stops for her latest episode. And, the Food Network star notes, this might not end well for her fancy “ssshhhimmery ssshhhirt!”

On Friday night, Ree Drummond took to Instagram to share a clip from her upcoming Saturday, January 29 installment of The Pioneer Woman. The Food Network star also included some amazing mouth-watering pics in the post, giving us a hint of what she will be preparing during the episode.

Prepping Some Elegance In Brand New ‘Pioneer Woman’

“Saturday morning, a new episode of “The Pioneer Woman” airs on Food Network!” Ree Drummond exclaims in the Insta post. The Food Network star goes on to note that this episode is a family affair, as her kids recorded the episode while she prepared the tasty dishes.

“The kids shot it, I made easy/elegant eats,” Drummond adds in the Friday evening Insta post.

The Instagram message includes a quick clip of Ree Drummond as she teases this week’s edition of her popular series. As we join Drummond in her kitchen, she is preparing a dish that requires dijon mustard as well as crab meat.

This, the Food Network star notes, is one of the elegant and easy recipes she will be highlighting in the Saturday episode. And, to match the theme, Drummond has decided to wear a fancy shirt while preparing the many delicious dishes she has planned for the day. However, The Pioneer Woman is quick to point out in both the video and in her Insta message, she doesn’t hold much faith that her fancy attire will stay clean as she films the upcoming episode.

“I wore a ssshhhimmery ssshhhirt,” Ree Drummond quips in the Insta message. The Food Network star goes on to note that she spent the whole show “trying to protect from the inevitable splashes and stains and other chaos.”

Will The ‘Ssshhhimmery Ssshhhirt’ Make It To the End? So Much Suspense!

“This is one of those shirts that shows every drop of like…chaos,” Drummond jokes in the Instagram clip.

In the teaser clip, Drummond goes on to mix her dish featuring the dijon mustard and crab meat; taking care to be as careful to keep her shirt as pristine as she can.

“Do you notice how careful I’m being since I’m wearing a shimmery shirt,” Drummond asks one of her children off-camera.

Then, it happens. One of Drummond’s sons, Mauricio, points out that his mom does, in fact, have “something” on her shirt. But, thankfully, he was just giving his mom a hard time. At least for now.

“Don’t fill me with self-doubt this early in the day!” The Pioneer Woman quips in response to the prank.

The Pioneer Woman airs Saturday mornings on the Food Network.