‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond is the Football Mom Anyone Can Relate To

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Any “Football Mom” knows how important it is to get that perfect seat before her team takes the field. Even when the team is away, and travel time needs to be considered, setting up is an important part of the pre-game ritual. After all, as Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond shows us in her recent Instagram post, the best way to cheer on your favorite players from the bleachers is to make sure you are in a spot that is visible from the field.

“I arrived at Friday night’s away game 2 hours 47 minutes early…just so I’d have time to get settled!!” the Food Network star shares on her Instagram this weekend.

In the Instagram post, the Food Network host shares a photo of herself as she kicks back on the bleachers.

Ree Drummond’s followers can see the star has chosen a pair of denim jeans to wear for the evening. A perfect choice, for sure as she cheers on her favorite players in the Friday Night Lights game!

The Pioneer Woman has paired the jeans with a pair of her trademark knee-length leather boots. Surely these pair nicely with the team swag Ree Drummond is very likely to don once the big game begins!

Ree Drummond Just Keeps Going and Going!

We all know that family is always on the top of the Pioneer Woman’s list. So, of course, it’s no surprise that the famous Food Network host would make sure she was settled a good two hours before her home team takes the field.

Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd, have raised their four kids and a foster son together on their very own working ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. And, last week, Ree Drummond shared her excitement to have everyone home again for the holidays.

In a Thanksgiving Instagram post, Ree Drummond shares a touching moment with her son. The two are enjoying the moment of relaxation that comes after finishing a Thanksgiving day feast.

“Chillin’, relaxin’, laughin’, and about two seconds away from a tryptophan nap,” the Food Network star quips in the holiday post.

Like any mother sharing a selfie with her kiddos for the holiday, Ree Drummond had to add a few jokes about the pic included in her post.

“Also, those are not my eyebrows, they’re shadows from my glasses,” Ree Drummond jokes in her Instagram post. “Remind me not to wear these glasses again.”

Then, the Food Network star reminds us how she is different from any mother in this holiday season. And, why she is the wildly popular Food Network star.

“Hope you’re all having a happy day!” the star exclaims. “I used squirt whipped cream on my from scratch pecan pie.”

Clearly, Ree Drummond’s family had one of the best feasts on Turkey day that any of us can imagine. After all, would we expect anything less from the Pioneer Woman?

And, we are extra impressed that she found the energy after all of that to travel over two hours down the road to catch the Friday night football game!