‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Gives Her Oven S’mores Extra Char in Hilarious Blooper Video

by Megan Molseed

Some would say that Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s most recent s’mores recipe is on FIRE! And, as Drummond’s recent Instagram post tells us, this description is a perfect one for the s’mores she will be featuring on the Food Network Saturday morning.

Why? Because in one take, the Pioneer Woman’s s’mores treats are quite literally on fire.

And also because, in the second take, Drummond’s delicious s’mores desserts look so incredibly good that we can tell immediately the television host’s talents were absolutely “on fire” when she put the recipe together!

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond shared a hilarious blooper clip to her Instagram Friday night, showing fans just how hot her amazing cooking can get.

Especially as the cooking expert battles the heat of her broiler. Which had just set fire to one of the Pioneer Woman’s latest recipes.

“Tomorrow (Saturday) morning, this episode of The Pioneer Woman airs on @foodnetwork and the funniest thing about it isn’t that I caught a pan of s’mores toast on fire. Or that I named the episode ‘Let’s Get Toasted,'” Ree Drummond said in the Friday evening Insta post.

“It’s that after I put the fire out, I said (of the broiler) ‘I had no idea it was so hot!'” the Food Network host adds. “It’s like saying I had no idea the swimming pool was so wet.”

The hilarious Insta clip that teases Drummond’s upcoming Saturday morning Pioneer Woman episode, features the expert cook as she begins to show her fans how to make some delicious toasted s’mores in the oven.

“I’m going to put these under the broiler and let them go until the marshmallows are to my desired level of golden brown,” the Pioneer Woman says in the clip.

However, things do not go as planned. When Drummond checks on her tasty treats, they have gone up in flames. Right there in the oven.

“Oh my gosh!” the Food Network star exclaims as she tries to remove the flaming treats from her oven.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Tasty S’mores

While the failure was hilarious, we all know that these outtakes are rare with an expert cook such as Drummond. By the second take, the Pioneer Woman had made her perfect batch.

And, with this batch, we get to see Ree Drummond remove the most recent S’mores treats.

These, of course, are cooked to Ree’s “desired level of golden brown.”

Some would say Ree Drummond’s first take making the delicious-looking oven s’mores treats was an epic failure. However, others may say it was perfection. Some love a lightly toasted marshmallow on their s’mores, while other s’more’s lovers enjoy a marshmallow with a burnt shell!

Either way, the Food Network star is happy that the showrunners include clips such as these along with the dishes that turn out perfectly.

“Also, kudos to Food Network for keeping this stuff in my shows now and not editing it out,” Ree Drummond says in the Instagram post.

“I think they realized along the way that if they edited it all out, there wouldn’t be enough footage for a full 30-minute show,” the Pioneer Woman joked. “Because well…this happens more than you’d think.”