‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Goofy Message in Gorgeous Christmas Tree Photo

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

There are few things more festive than a holiday photo with two Christmas trees while wearing a silver winter coat. This is exactly what Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond delivered in a December 16 Instagram post. She even named this festive Insta pic. Well, actually, no she didn’t. But what Drummond DID do when sharing the merry post was show off her hilarious sense of humor.

“Alex took this photo last night,” the Pioneer Woman says in her Thursday afternoon Instagram post.

“We decided to name it “Between Two Trees,” the Food Network star continues. “Just kidding, we didn’t decide to name it.”

In the Insta photo, Ree Drummond stands in front of two brightly lit Christmas trees. Each tree sits right behind one of her shoulders.

Drummond is all smiles as she dons a warm stocking cap, complete with a fluffy ball on top. To keep her warm in the winter wonderland scene, the Pioneer Woman has topped her look off with a very shiny, and very reflective silver winter coat.

“I’m just trying to come up with a caption so I can post this photo of me in my trusty old aluminum foil coat,” Ree Drummond jokes in the Insta post.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Is In Full ‘Goof’ Mode!

Drummond continued with her goofy message, noting that this coat is one she has been wearing for a number of years. However, we’re fairly certain not as many as The Pioneer Woman claims in the hilarious mid-week post.

“I’ve had this coat for 94 years and it not only keeps me warm,” Drummond jokes.

She is certainly proud of this silver coat’s functionality.

In fact, Ree Drummond doubles down on her hilarious goofiness, noting that this reflective piece of outerwear serves many purposes. Well, it really doesn’t, but Drummond’s post is hilarious non the less!

“It doubles as an iPhone charger. (Just kidding there, too. I’m up a little early this morning.)” Drummond tells her Insta followers.

Sure, Ree Drummond looks like she’s all about the winter happenings in this Instagram post. However, the Food Network star recently posted on Instagram that she does not like one popular winter pastime: skiing.

Drummond Will Not Be Riding the Slopes Anytime Soon

“I don’t want to ski,” Ree Drummond says in a recent Instagram post.

“There’s too much renting involved,” the Pioneer Woman continues. “Schlepping, too.”

Ree Drummond then goes on to break down how she views the pastime, and why, exactly it doesn’t appeal to her.

“I like my anterior cruciate ligaments just the way they are, which is not torn,” Drummond quips.

“Also, my hips are happier when they are not being taxed,” she continues.

Finally, the Food Network star says, the ski boots are “heavy” and they make her make me “feel tired and sad.”

But, it seems, skiing is destined to be part of Ree Drummond’s life. At least for now.

“Don’t go to Colorado with Gen-Z’ers,” she jokes. “They knoweth not about such matters.”