‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Has a ‘Few Cattle Ranch Reminders’ to Share in New Video

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Outsiders, you are going to love this. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is giving everyone some tips when it comes to ranching.

You probably know Ree Drummond thanks to her popular Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman. She has blessed us for years now with thousands of delicious recipes and during that time, she’s become one of the most beloved personalities on the network. But Drummond has more life responsbilities than just what we see on her show.

As it turns out, The Pioneer Woman and her husband, Ladd Drummond, own one of the biggest ranch estates in the country. You know what that means? She has gotten used to getting up each and every morning before 5 a.m. and going out to feed animals on the ranch. Safe to say that she knows a thing or two about the ranching lifestyle.

Ranching, of course, is the practice of raising herds of animals on large tracts of land. As for Ree Drummond and her family, they have both of those things in spades. On Monday, the Food Network star took to social media to give a few tips about the way things work on her property.

“A few cattle ranch reminders: First it’s really not all that quiet out here,” she said. “Second, if you encounter cattle on the road, never come to a complete stop or they’ll have you surrounded and you’ll never be able to leave.”

As for cattle ranch reminder number two, Drummond notes that it’s especially important not to come to a complete stop during the winter months. She said the cattle think that every vehicle is there to bring them food.

“Third, foggy, icy mornings are eerily pretty. Fourth, cattle have very thick hides, which (when combined with being given extra hay and feed) generally allow them to withstand cold snaps. Fifth, it’s really not all that quiet out here. (Did I already say that?)”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Fans Are Loving Her Latest Post

We’re not sure what’s better — watching Ree Drummond cook or seeing her driving through a herd of cattle on a foggy morning. It’s pretty clear that fans of the show feel the same way.

“I am cracking up that ‘don’t stop! Don’t make eye contact! Just drive through slowly!’ is sending a real message to that cattle,” one fan commented. “Love these peeks into the ranch.”

“I think they are saying, ‘Oh, look, it’s the Pioneer Woman!'” joked another fan.

“It’s never quiet around cattle on a farm or ranch.,” a third follower chimed in. “But I prefer the sound of the cows and that beautiful scenery to the honking of horns and traffic.”