‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Hilariously Responds to Negative Feedback with Heartwarming Clip

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Raymond Hall/WireImage)

On Saturday morning, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond amusingly addressed negative comments about her self-shot cooking show. The Food Network star said some people have an issue with the lack of professionalism in the kitchen. After showing off another recent clip shot by her daughters, she hilariously joked she now understands the criticism.

Ree and her husband, Ladd, own a large ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma where they’ve worked and raised their children for years. Drummond is forever busy with her Pioneer Woman empire whether filming her cooking shows, creating new recipes, writing cookbooks, or blogging. Yet part of her appeal is that Ree gives her fans and viewers an inside look into her family’s life at home on the ranch.

She often films with a small crew, and that crew is frequently her own children. Her two daughters, Alex and Paige, along with Ree’s son-in-law, “helped” out with filming recently. After cooking a pot pie, Ree asks who wants the first plate. She graciously said Alex’s husband, Mauricio, should get it, but his wife wasn’t having it. Alex jokingly puts her husband in a headlock and takes the first plate all while Paige films and laughs.

“While most of the feedback I receive on our self-shot cooking show is positive, I do hear from the occasional viewer who takes issue with the lack of professionalism and decorum displayed in the kitchen. I used to read those messages and scratch my head, not really understanding what they meant…but then I watch a clip like this and totally get it. 😂 (P.S. THIS RECIPE! Ya gotta try it. See you on @foodnetwork this morning at 10et/9c!),” the Pioneer Woman said to her almost four million Instagram followers.

“Pioneer Woman” Reveals When She Begins Filming Her Food Network Show Again

Last weekend, Ree Drummond gave an update for her fans on Instagram about when she’s going to start filming her show again. The Pioneer Woman took the holidays off from filming her Food Network cooking show, but said she starts filming again in February.

“I sometimes forget to post about my Food Network show, because it’s such a regular part of my life. So here’s a post about my Food Network show!” the Pioneer Woman captioned her post. “We filmed this show last fall, and are looking forward to starting filming again next month!”

She then shared what fans can expect out of her upcoming cooking shows. Ree revealed they’re going to shoot more footage of activities around the Drummond ranch. Additionally, her original film crew from the United Kingdom is coming back soon.

“We’re going to start shooting more of the ranch activities again, which I’ve missed…and later this summer, my original crew from the U.K. will be coming back for the first time in over two years. Meantime, hope you enjoy this morning’s show! Its unofficial title is ‘Giggling in an Animal Print Shirt.’ Story of my life. Well, except it’s usually a floral print shirt,” she added.