‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Plans Go Off the Rails When She Meets a ‘Store Dog’: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

If there is one thing that the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond loves almost as much as her family and looking at home, it has to be dogs.

The country’s most famous home cook has a huge soft spot in her heart for canines. It doesn’t matter if they are her dogs or a complete stranger. If there is a four-legged furry friend, Drummond is likely to stop everything and pet that dog. She showed that with her latest Instagram post.

While doing some holiday shopping with Mauricio her son-in-law, she had to stop and get familiar with the local “store dog.” Check it out below.

So, here’s the story according to the Pioneer Woman herself:

“I’m leaving Vail early in the morning to drive home, so tonight I took Mauricio to a store in the village to try on a jacket I wanted to get my brother-in-law Tim for Christmas so I could gauge the right size. But then we met Trek, the store dog, and it was all over for me. Tim who??? I’ve never heard of the man.”

Hopefully, they were able to get that jacket for Tim. If not, there might be one less present under the tree at the Drummond family Christmas!

‘Pioneer Woman’ Letting Loose While Petting Dog

Just look at the video a little closer and you might notice that it isn’t just a dog that has the Pioneer Woman’s attention. This store looks to be full service! While she pets the dog with her right hand, a shot of tequila sits in her left. I wanna know what clothing store she’s going to because I might have to take a visit.

I’ve heard that some luxury clothing stores will give out champagne or sparkling water to guests. However, Vail, Colorado seems to have it going on with the tequila shot offer. When someone pointed out that she had the shot in her hand, she had to fess up.

“I did not even notice that this was captured on the video. The store offered! Haha.” You gotta be on the lookout when Mauricio has a phone in his hand. She had no idea she was being filmed and then didn’t realize what was captured in the video itself.

The Pioneer Woman is going to head back home and surely get ready for the Christmas holiday to come. Surely she will be busy curating the menu for the big day. Drummond made headlines when she planned and provided the meal for her own daughter’s wedding. When you’re a big Food Network star, of course you cater your own events!