‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Remembers ‘Sadness’ & ‘Joy’ 2021 Brought Her Family

by Megan Molseed

It’s always a sort of cathartic to have a look back at the past year as we enter into a new one. This is exactly what Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Ladd did in her Sunday morning Instagram post.

Sharing a 2021 recap to her Insta page, Ree Drummond Ladd enjoys a variety of memories with her family and friends throughout 2021. While also looking forward to the possibilities 2022 holds for the Food Network star and her loved ones.

“2021 brought sadness to our family,” the Pioneer Woman star shares in her January 2 Insta post.

“But it brought lots of joy, too,” Drummond adds to her message, adding a little red heart emoji. “I’m ready for a new year!”

Ree Drummond Ladd’s Instagram 2021 recap includes pretty much every photo and memory the blogger and popular author has shared to the popular social media site throughout 2021.

From weddings to football games; or vacations, and kicking back with the family; Ree Drummond’s Instagram throwback includes it all.

The 2021 recap even includes some memories of the Food Network star as she films episodes of her popular series Pioneer Woman.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Shows Her Fans That Even She Can Burn A Dish From Time To Time

Of course, Ree Drummond, who is known for her impressive cooking skills, had to include a hilarious video from earlier this year during one of these tapings.

The funny outtake shows Drummond’s fans that even the Pioneer Woman doesn’t always pull off the “perfect dish” in the kitchen.

Featured within the 2021 Insta recap is a clip of the moment when the Food Network star had a bit of a broiler mishap. This happens while Drummond is making a yummy snack during a taping of her popular series.

“I’ll try not to burn too much toast,” Ree Drummond Ladd quips in the Sunday morning message.

In the October 15 blooper video, Ree Drummond is filming a segment of her Food Network series. In the segment, the star shows Pioneer Woman fans how to make some delicious toasted s’mores, right in their oven.

The completed recipe shows the Pioneer Woman is always on fire while dreaming up some easy and massively delicious creations. However, Drummond took her heat a little too far in the blooper clip; leaving her s’mores in a little too long – long enough for the tasty treats to literally catch on fire.

“The funniest thing about it isn’t that I caught a pan of s’mores toast on fire,” Ree Drummond says in the October Instagram post.

“It’s that after I put the fire out, I said (of the broiler) “I had no idea it was so hot!”” the Food Network star exclaims. “It’s like saying I had no idea the swimming pool was so wet.”