‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals ‘Stressful Situation’ Her Cat Loves to Create for Her

by Quentin Blount

Not only is the Pioneer Woman’s property a paradise for her and her family, but it also looks like her animals are enjoying it as well.

There’s no denying what Ree Drummond is best known for, and that’s being The Pioneer Woman. She has starred on her very own show on the Food Network for years now. During that time, we have all come to know and love her delicious recipes and we enjoy nothing more than to kick back and watch her cook.

With that said, one fact that’s a little less known about Drummond is her love for animals. She adores her dogs and she also has a special place in her heart for her cats. As a matter of fact, she has a very soft spot for one of her daring barn cats. She posted a nerve-wracking video of him walking on an iced-over pond on their ranch.

“Our combination barn/porch/roof cat does this often in the cold winter months,” Drummond wrote alongside the Instagram video. “I used to try to intervene and call out to him, but it just drove him farther out to the center of the pond and that was a really stressful situation (for me, not him).”

You can just tell by watching the clip that this is a cat that has no fear. But that daring personality has taken a toll on the Pioneer Woman herself.

“This cat has gotten himself out of countless sticky situations for ten years, and has successfully evaded coyotes, eagles, hawks, and rattlesnakes, so I have ultimately determined that this is one feline that’s gonna be just fine.”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Fans Have Their Own Brave Cats

If you have ever owned a cat, then you already know that they often tend to be distant and not very affectionate. They are definitely some of the most independent animals out there. Fans of the Pioneer Woman know about that all too well.

“Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! Muahahaha!” one fan commented.

It turns out that a lot of Pioneer Woman fans have cats who put them in similar predicaments.

“Our cat, Max, looked and acted just like him,” a second follower said. “So brave and agile. His luck eventually ran out, but he lived his best life for a long, long time! No regrets letting him choose his path.”

“We have a barn cat, and she’s amazing!” a third fan chimed in. “She’s escaped more close calls than I’ll ever know. She loves to leave us ‘gifts,’ which usually are simply the head of whatever she caught. Her best quality: she LOVES our poor, traumatized, anxious rescue dog with the strength of a thousand suns. She is simply the best.”

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