‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shouts Out Daughter Paige for Working the Calves

by Megan Molseed

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond certainly wears many hats. She is often moving among a variety of roles from a cook, to baker, to entrepreneur, or author, blogger, and wife. Just to name a few.

Really, you name it, and the Food Network’s Ree Drummond has probably found a way to do it!

But, it seems that one of the Pioneer Woman’s favorite roles is that of mother…more specifically, the mother who proudly cheers the loudest for her children.

Whether it be cheering them on from the sidelines at a game, sharing new experiences with her brood, or even celebrating some triumphs, Ree Drummond is always sending some sort of love to her family via her social media.

This is why, even though we aren’t surprised by a recent post on the Pioneer Woman Instagram page, we are still quite impressed!

It seems that Ree Drummond’s daughter, Paige, has been focusing on a dedicated work-out lately.

With the help of Ladd, the Food Network star’s husband – and Paige’s dad, of course!

I mean, what better way to make sure you stay focused on your workouts than making yourself answer to your father if you decide to skip a day.

“She’s worked calves for two straight days,” Reed Drummond writes proudly on her recent Pioneer Woman Instagram post. The proud mother shares this information with a darling picture of her smiling college-aged daughter.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Her Pride In Paige’s Hard Work

In the Insta photo, Paige Drummond is looking relaxed in a relaxed-fit black sweater. Her hair is pulled back in a hat that Ree, and her fans are sure to love.

The lettering on Paige’s brown baseball cap reads Drummond Ranch. Something near and dear to her heart, for sure!

Paige’s long blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail which she has swept over her shoulder.

“And she’s still smilin’!” the Food Network star exclaims. Of course, she does add a bit of a warning for her daughter…all in jest, of course.

“Careful, Paige,” the Pioneer Woman adds in her Insta post.

“Your dad will start to think you like it!” Drummond jokes, adding a hilarious winky face to the comment.

The post is extra awesome when one goes through the comments on the page. One of the first to respond to the Pioneer Woman’s post.

“I do like it,” the Food Network star’s daughter says in response to her mother’s post.

“But my body hurts,” Paige adds in the Instagram comment. It’s extra adorable as Paige adds a little keyboard smiley face to her comment. She likes it for sure, and…no pain no gain, right?