‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shows Why Her Selfies ‘Always Kind of Just Miss the Mark’

by Megan Molseed

There are probably a million reasons why selfies don’t necessarily turn out when posting to social media. But, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond probably has the best reason of all! A very loyal – but also very slobbery reason, to be exact.

On Wednesday morning, Ree Drummond took to Instagram to share a pretty stunning selfie clip. The Pioneer Woman looks peaceful and happy as the sun sets behind her on the horizon. It’s a gorgeous selfie, really. But Drummond says, she thinks it missed the mark for being an “impressive” one. Why does the Pioneer Woman think the gorgeous clip isn’t the ideal piece of “cinematography?” The answer lies on her coat…literally.

“This would have been some impressive sunset selfie cinematography if not for the dog slobber on my coat,” The Pioneer Woman quips in the Wednesday morning Insta post.

Ree Drummond goes on to note that she feels many of her selfies don’t turn out quite as she would hope.

“I always kind of just miss the mark somehow…” The Pioneer Woman adds in the post.

She may think this gorgeous selfie video isn’t quite up to par, but the rest of us are likely to disagree. As far as we can tell the Pioneer Woman is, as always, hitting perfection right on the nose. Plus, a little dog slobber has never been a bad thing. It just means she’s enjoying the breathtaking sunset with some awesome furry pals!

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shows Off One Dare Devil That Lives On Her Ranch

Drummond may be mastering perfection with her hit Food Network show, Pioneer Woman. In the series, the Food Network star shares some of her awesome recipes and ideas with her fans. And, she has shared enough of her life for us to know that the ranch property she calls home is an absolute paradise for her family…and her animals.

Just the other day, Ree Drummond shared a video of one of her dare-devil furry friends to Instagram. In the clip, one of Drummond’s cats is showing no fear as he walks across an icy pond on their property.

“Our combination barn/porch/roof cat does this often in the cold winter months,” Ree Drummond says in her Instagram post. The Pioneer Woman adds that she used to try and rescue the daring feline when he did this. However, it never worked out as she hoped.

“I used to try to intervene and call out to him, but it just drove him farther out to the center of the pond and that was a really stressful situation (for me, not him),” she quips in the comment alongside the hilarious video.

“This cat has gotten himself out of countless sticky situations for ten years,” Drummond adds. “and has successfully evaded coyotes, eagles, hawks, and rattlesnakes, so I have ultimately determined that this is one feline that’s gonna be just fine.”