‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Fans See Smiling Sun in New Pic of Her Basset Hounds

by Chris Haney

A couple of days ago, “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond shared a picturesque photo from her family’s ranch during the early morning hours of Friday. However, the famous chef’s fans were quick to point out one curiosity in the background. Behind her two basset hounds, the rising sun low on the horizon looked as if it was smiling.

The Food Network chef shared the stunning sunrise photo with her almost 4 million Instagram followers and fans. In the caption, she joked that her husband, Ladd, was helping their two dogs feed the cattle that morning. The couple owns a working ranch near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and she frequently shares a look into their everyday life on the ranch on social media.

Once again, Ree Drummond posted a candid picture from the Drummond Ranch. There’s always work to be done on their expansive property, and Friday was no different. However, Ree Drummond didn’t show off herself, her husband, or their children hard at work. She instead featured the Drummond family’s two basset hounds, Fred and Rusty, who were perched on a truck bed overseeing the cattle.

The early morning haze and an Oklahoma sunrise are seen while cattle graze in the background. As beautiful as the scene is, the sun ends up stealing the show once fans notice what it resembled.

Ree Drummond’s Fans Think They Know Why the Sun Is Smiling

As the day went on, more and more fans of The Pioneer Woman chimed in on her post. Numerous Instagram users began to point out the wild coincidence that the sun just so happened to look as if it was smiling.

“The sun looks like it’s smiling,” one Instagram user commented on Ree Drummond’s post.

“But there’s a smiley face in the sun!” another wrote.

You may have passed it by at first, but one glance at it and it’s unmistakable. The sun definitely looks like a radiant smiley face off in the distance. Other users added their two cents as to why the sun appeared to be smiling. The consensus seemed to be that a flock of birds, possibly geese, happened to fly by at just the right time. Regardless, it made for an amazing photo, and Ree Drummond’s fans agree.

“The birds make the sun look like it’s smiling #beautiful,” another fan wrote along with a heart emoji.

“What an absolutely beautiful pic!” an Instagram user commented.

We’re often jealous of the Drummond family’s life on their Oklahoma ranch. The chef’s stunning sunrise photo just reinforces that.

“Ladd helped the Bassets feed cattle this morning. (They let him tag along from time to time, you see.) Fred and Rusty keep this place running! According to them…,” Ree Drummond amusingly wrote on Instagram.