‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Son Looks Just Like Woody Harrelson in Christmas Day Snaps

by Hunter Miller

The “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond is documenting this Christmas with some sweet snaps with Woody Harrelson. Wait…we mean her son, Bryce.

The Food Network star took to IG on Saturday to upload a series of pics with Bryce. She mentions that the three different pics show off three different sides of her son. And one of those sides happens to be a Woody Harrelson look-alike. “My son is wonderful (first photo), weird (second photo)…and Woody Harrelson (last photo). Anyway, I think I’ll keep him!”

Pioneer Woman’s fans got a big ol’ kick out of the pics. “He does resemble Woody Harrelson! Two handsome guys,” one fan wrote. However, not all of them thought Bryce favors Harrelson. Instead, they mentioned another Hollywood superstar. “No, he’s Anthony Michael Hall in the last one,” another fan commented.

Does ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Have a Family Full of Celeb Look-Alikes?

As many of Ree Drummond’s fans are well aware, the famous culinary expert loves to post pics of her kids and loved ones. Most recently, she took to social media to post heartwarming pics of her nephew, daughter, and son-in-law. And, it seems there’s a running theme on Drummond’s page. She mentions that her nephew looks like James Dean in one of the three pics. Check them out below:

Drummond captioned the post: “Nephew, Daughter, Son-in-Law! Three of my (seven? no, ten!) favorite youngsters right here. We’re all in different places now, but had fun together last week. And oh! Swipe forward to see Stu lookin’ like James Dean in an outtake! (Stu, do you even know who James Dean is?) Swipe forward again to see Stu with (one of) his (four) favorite aunt(s). Lots of parentheses in this post. Okay, bye!”

Holiday Cooking Tips and Tricks From the Expert

When the Pioneer Woman isn’t posting family pics, she’s been busy offering holiday kitchen tips. Most recently, she listed the most major kitchen mistakes to avoid during the holidays.

While speaking with Mashed, Drummond explained how she has two easy steps for making sure Christmas dinner is top-notch. And goes off without a series of tiny kitchen disasters. “I learned the hard way through the years that if you are hosting a pretty big gathering or making a big meal, that if you choose recipes that are all last minute, it is going to result in chaos, and you do not want your guests to get that vibe,” Ree Drummond said.

To learn more about her full list of mistakes to avoid and Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s other holiday cooking tips, go here.