‘Pioneer Woman’ Snaps Pics With ‘Favorite Youngsters,’ Including ‘James Dean’ Look-Alike Nephew

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

On Tuesday evening, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond shared a series of photos from her family’s winter vacation, which included her James Dean look-alike nephew.

The Drummonds recently got away from their Pawhuska, Oklahoma ranch and hit the ski slopes. While we can’t confirm if Ree actually went skiing as well while in the mountain resort town, her kids and nephew took full advantage.

Drummond is a busy individual with her Pioneer Woman empire. Between her popular Food Network TV show, her blog, writing books and cook books, and creating recipes, she’s always up to something. We can only assume that the holidays are a hectic time of year for herself and the Drummond family. However, Ree and some of her family members got out of town this week for some fun and relaxation.

She shared three photos on Instagram today from their getaway. They included Ree’s eldest daughter and her husband, and her nephew named Stu. In her caption, Drummond said Stu looked like legendary actor James Dean, but amusingly isn’t sure if her young nephew even knows who that is.

“Nephew, Daughter, Son-in-Law! Three of my (seven? no, ten!) favorite youngsters right here. We’re all in different places now, but had fun together last week,” the Pioneer Woman wrote on her post. “And oh! Swipe forward to see Stu lookin’ like James Dean in an outtake! (Stu, do you even know who James Dean is?) Swipe forward again to see Stu with (one of) his (four) favorite aunt(s). Lots of parentheses in this post. Okay, bye!”

“Funny seeing you here!” Stu added in the comments section of his famous aunt’s post.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Major Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid During Holidays

With the holidays upon us, who better for some last-minute meal prep advice than Ree Drummond, especially when tackling a family Christmas dinner? In a recent interview with Mashedthe “Pioneer Woman” shared two suggestions that might just be a life saver this holiday season.

“I learned the hard way through the years that if you are hosting a pretty big gathering or making a big meal, that if you choose recipes that are all last minute, it is going to result in chaos. And you do not want your guests to get that vibe,” Ree Drummond explained.

She suggests that one easy way to reduce holiday stress is to cook a casserole or two since you can prepare them ahead of time.

“If you are doing casseroles, casseroles are amazing because you can make almost any casserole up to two days before and put it in the fridge unbaked,” the Pioneer Woman said.

In addition, Drummond also suggests that people “pre-build” their appetizers and small dishes.

“Pre-build holiday platters and plates, charcuterie, and salads,” Drummond added. “You can put all those together earlier in the day and just try to minimize the things that require last-minute cooking and prep.”