Pontiac Trans Am Made Famous by ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ Sells for a Ridiculous Amount

by Sean Griffin

A Pontiac Trans Am sold for a huge amount on Saturday. The model was made famous by Burt Reynolds and his film Smokey and the Bandit.

The 1977 Pontiac Trans Am sold for a whopping $440,000 at Mecum Auctions in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The price was the highest ever paid for the model.

However, the car wasn’t just a regular ’70s Trans Am. The coupe is a Trans AM SE (Special Edition). Pontiac manufactured these Special Edition models to match the ones used in the blockbuster Smokey and the Bandit.

Technically, these Special Edition models were really 1976 Trans Ams made to look like the 1977 model used in the film.

The black and gold car features a T-top roof. The car contains all original mechanical components, plus three-speed automatic transmission. It also has a 180 hp 6.6-liter V8, the engine that powered the Trans Am that year.

Pontiac owned this particular model as a promotional car, and it toured the country. However, in North Carolina, the car suffered damage. It was donated to a nearby vocational high school where students fixed the automobile.

Then, a collector bought the car and put it in storage. Then, he freshened the car up and sold it again in 1997.

The car wasn’t driven much at all; the car has just 14 miles on the odometer. It could possibly have the lowest milage of any 1977 Pontiac Trans Am in existence.

Pontiac Trans Am’s Predicted Price

The most recent owner of the vehicle is named Charlie Herman. He told Fox News Auto before the sale, the car was kept in tip-top condition.

However, the car went for nearly triple what many experts believed. Experts at collector car insurer Hagerty claimed that a ‘good condition’ 1977 Trans Am SE would go for an average of $70,000. However, at the auction, the highest bid was $400,000. After auction fees and other costs, the final price of the Pontiac was a whopping $440,000.

Back in January, a nearly identical car that was used in film promotions and later gifted to Burt Reynolds was sold. However, it went for an even more ridiculous $495,000. Reynolds owned and drove the car until 2014.

While Burt’s old car was as close as an owner could get to the real deal, none of the cars used in the filming of Smokey and the Bandit survive to this day.

The blockbuster film was the second-highest grossing of 1977. Reynolds and actress Sally Field then dated after meeting on the set of the movie. The movie follows two bootleggers as they attempt to illegally drive 400 cases of beer from Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. The film marked the directorial debut of stuntman Hal Needham, who frequently collaborated with Reynolds.