Priscilla Presley Says Elvis ‘Would Have Really Loved’ New Biopic About His Life

by Alex Falls

Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic about Elvis Presley is days away from premiering in American theaters. The hype around Elvis is palpable. General audiences are excited to finally get their chance to see the film for themselves.

Fans of The King are in for a great show. Perhaps the greatest endorsement of all for the film comes directly from the one person who knew Elvis the best, his wife Priscilla Presley. She said in an interview with Good Morning America that not only will fans love seeing the movie, but she believes her late husband would as well.

“So I’m sitting there watching this movie and going, ‘God, I wish he could see this.’ It was perfection,” Presley said. “This is a movie that he would have really loved. Showing who he was, what he was striving for, what his dreams were.”

Elvis opens in theaters on June 24. The film chronicles the life of one of music’s biggest personalities. Austin Butler portrays Elvis in an acclaimed performance. The story primarily focuses on Elvis’s relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker, portrayed by Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks. Priscilla took a chance to reflect on the impact Parker had on her husband and the animosity that fuels the film’s story.

“It wasn’t good at all,” Priscilla said. “He’d let us all know when he was upset and he’d go on a rampage and, you know, cursing. Then he started realizing Colonel was messing with his life as far as music choices. Austin did a great job on his temperament when he’s upset with Colonel. I got to see his temperament in every way and I knew not to upset him, that’s for sure.”

Priscilla Gets to Relive Her Own Life in Elvis

Priscilla herself is also portrayed in the movie. Olivia DeJonge plays her movie counterpart. Priscilla said seeing her life and relationship depicted on the big screen was strange but she applauded DeJonge’s work.

“I’m so happy that she was sensitive and that she was caring,” Priscilla said. She noted that DeJonge played her “a little strong” with Elvis, too. “I was pleasantly surprised.”

DeJonge was also interviewed by Good Morning America. She called it a “huge relief” to get Priscilla’s seal of approval and said “it was so evident the amount of love and care” she had for Elvis.

“Celebrity, fame, fortune. One of the most important things was to just strip that away and just sort of play a girl and a boy that were in love,” DeJonge said. “That is 100 percent what I wanted to convey.”

The Presley marriage was full of tough times as viewers of the film will see. Priscilla said watching the film herself brought back some frightening memories, but she never lost sight of the love she shared with the iconic singer.

“I had to handle him a little delicately because he was going through a lot of different things at that time,” Priscilla said. “One good thing is we carried out our loving relationship throughout our divorce and everything.”