Quentin Tarantino Declares ‘Jaws’ Is the Best Movie Ever Made

by Blake Ells

Quentin Tarantino directed several of the best movies ever made. And he’s an avid movie buff. He even owns a couple of theaters. Now the Pulp Fiction director is revealing his own choice for “best movie ever made.” He says it’s classic that most everyone can agree on: Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Although he has a slight clarification in his declaration.

“I think Jaws is the greatest movie ever made,” Quentin Tarantino tells CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast. “Maybe it’s not the greatest film. But it’s the greatest movie.”

“And then there are other movies that can get in its rarefied air. But as far as a movie, there’s no better making it than Jaws. There’s no ‘better’ than Jaws,” he continued. “And it shows how badly timed most movies made before Jaws were.”

The 1975 film starred Roy Schneider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. It earned $472 million at the time, which was staggering. The movie had a $9 million budget and shot mostly near Martha’s Vineyard. The film sees a third theatrical run later this year in IMAX.

“What I meant by that, to one degree or another, is that Spielberg and a lot of his cohorts grew up seeing those kinds of movies in the theater,” Quentin Tarantino clarified. “Henry Levin’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, he’s gonna run to go and see that. Richard Fleischer’s Fantastic Voyage, he’s gonna run to go and see that. Gordon Douglas’s Them! He’s going to run and go see. Now…most of them weren’t directed that well. They were assignments given to journeymen directors who did their best with them.”

Quentin Tarantino Loves ‘Jaws’

Quentin Tarantino continued by clarifying what distinguished Spielberg from the filmmakers that he grew up watching. He says that prior directors worked differently.

“As opposed to a Spielberg who was like, ‘No this is exactly the kind of movie he likes. This is exactly the kind of movies he was put on earth to make,’ he explains. “And he’s going to make it, within an inch of his life, as effective as it can possibly be. And, you know, Michael Anderson isn’t putting that kind of work in Logan’s Run.”

Quentin Tarantino joined the podcast to promote his own podcast. The Video Archives Podcast is available where podcasts are available. Roger Avary co-hosts. Avary co-wrote Pulp Fiction. Tarantino won two Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. The awards came from Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained. The Academy snubbed his most recent film. That was Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, which came out in 2019. There’s nothing currently on his radar. There are talks of a Justified revival. He may be in talks to direct several episodes, but there is no official word yet.

Westerns inspired Quentin Tarantino as a kid. The John Wayne classic Rio Bravo is another one of his favorite movies ever. The film is available on HBO Max. The 59-year-old director also watched Bonanza as a kid. The series inspired Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.