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‘Quigley Down Under’ Star Alan Rickman Remembered Playing Cowboy as a Kid

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Andrew Stenning/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

The late Alan Rickman was a Hollywood star for many decades. His passing was a devastating blow to so many fans and so many of those who worked with him. One of the films he was most known for was “Quigley Down Under” where the late actor remembered playing cowboy as a kid.

Rickman had fond memories of playing the game when he was a child. He recalled to Cowboys & Indians that he would be “going to the corner shop, and buying a box of caps for a penny. And putting them in the gun, and then wondering why they weren’t going around, because you had such a cheap gun. You’d flick the thing and they didn’t bang. That’s my memory of playing cowboy. That, and the hat that didn’t fit.” In the film, Rickman plays a cattle rancher with a lot of wealth. He hires Tom Selleck’s character.

It was a game that Rickman had a lot of fun with. He enjoyed everything that went into it. Plus, the film was a big hit with Selleck and Rickman.

Alan Rickman on “Harry Potter”

Alan Rickman had other starring roles over the course of his long, impressive career. Perhaps his biggest was his role as Severus Snap in the “Harry Potter” franchises. His character was a complicated one. Perhaps the most complicated in all of the books. Fans never really knew where the Hogwarts professor stood on a variety of matters. He was difficult to read as a force for good or for evil. Rickman walked that tightrope beautifully, though.

One producer of the films David Heyman told the LA Times, “It was quite amusing, too, because there were times when a director would tell Alan what to do in a scene and he would say something like, ‘No I can’t do that — I know what is going to happen and you don’t.” The Snape character was a complicated one and he took it seriously. His character had a huge role to play in the long game and his actions and choices and movements all mattered to make it all make sense at the end of the story. Rickman recognized that early on.

He continued, “He had a real understanding of the character and now looking back, you can see there was always more going on there — a look, an expression, a sentiment — that hint at what is to come … the shadow that he casts in these films is a huge one and the emotion he conveys is immeasurable.”

Rickman was always a step ahead. The movies were iconic for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest was that Rickman and other stars of the film looked at each scene in this way. Rickman played Snape in a way that matched the books for so many fans.