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‘Race to the Center of the Earth’ Canceled on Nat Geo After One Season

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

While viewers might have loved Race to the Center of the Earth as part of the National Geographic Channel, it will not return.

That’s all according to a story from Deadline. The popular network that covers the world in different ways has decided to not go further with the show after just one season.

Mind you, this show does come from the creators of The Amazing Race on CBS. That would be Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri by their names.

This show did mark the first time that National Geographic Channel attempted something in the competition space. Doganieri and Van Munster were hopeful that the show would be a returning franchise, but it did not happen.

‘Race to the Center of Earth’ Did Have Big-Adventure Feel To The Episodes

In 2021, Doganieri told Deadline that “Nat Geo represents global exploration and adventure and this takes it to the next level. I commend them on doing the show and I hope they continue to want to do another one.”

The Race to the Center of the Earth definitely had a big-budget adventure feel to it. After all, teams are racing to the center of the Earth here. This show made its debut on Nat Geo back in March 2021 and was streamed on Disney+ starting in May 2021.

What was this show about? OK, so it was a seven-part series. Four teams made up of three members would go on a sprint across the Earth.

The prize was $1 million. Not too shabby a prize to win for going all over the world. These four groups started their races in South America, Russia, Canada, and Southeast Asia, respectively. They would encounter life on Planet Earth. This included untamed jungles, frozen arctic, arid deserts, bustling cities, treacherous mountains, and vast oceans.

Four Teams Were Gunning For Capturing Buoy, Taking Home $1 Million

All were headed to a point and location where all four routes would intersect. For the first team to arrive at the buoy would be worth $1 million in the bank accounts. Again, a nice booty for a Race to the Center of the Earth.

Now, you might be asking who in the world would appear in this show? Let’s see if we can help you out. Team North America was made up of work colleagues Dave Bacon, Paul Montague Jr., and Mindy Murphy. Also, Team Russia featured police officers Jeremy Conkling, Angelina Fraize, and Christopher Nelson. Team South America had rock-climbing friends Autumn Fryer, Jon Irwin, and Sierra Knott. Finally, Team Southeast Asia had teachers James Batey, Marilina Kim, and Jay Wyatt.

Doganieri also told Deadline in 2021 that it was “probably the biggest challenge we have undertaken.”