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Riley Keough Gives First Interview on Motherhood Since Welcoming Daughter in 2022

by Taylor Cunningham
Riley Keough
(Photo by Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Riley Keough recently acknowledged being a mother in an interview for the first time since welcoming her daughter with her husband Ben Smith-Petersen.

The actress secretly gave birth to the little girl before her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, passed away on January 12. She understandably kept the news private until her Smith-Petersen revealed the news during Presley’s public memorial.

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Despite fans knowing about her baby, Keough has remained tight-lipped about the details. In fact, she still hadn’t shared exactly when her daughter was born. But during a chat with Interview Magazine, she finally spoke on the matter—a little.

During the talk, journalist Janicza Bravo asked Keough if filming her current series, Daisy Jones, around the same time that her brother, Benjamin, died by suicide was emotionally taxing. With that conversation, Bravo further asked if Keough was also juggling being a new mom shortly after while trying to gauge how old the little girl is.

“I’ve never talked about this in an interview. Do you want the exclusive? It’s going to go viral,” Keough joked.

After Bravo pointed out that the baby is no longer a secret, Keough agreed.

“I know, yeah,” she continued. “I became a mother in 2022.”

Riley Keough Remains Committed to Giving Her Daughter a Private Childhood

Riley Keough didn’t go into further detail about her daughter, and it’s possible that she will keep her out of the limelight for the foreseeable future.

According to US Magazine, one of the actress’ friends shared that Keough has lived through too much heartache by being a celebrity herself, and she wants to spare her child the same pain. The 33-year-old is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. He, of course, lived one of the most publicized lives in modern history, and it wore hard on him.

Keough’s mother also dealt with the paparazzi her entire life. Lisa Marie went to great lengths to give her children as much privacy as possible as well.

“Riley wanted to keep the birth of her daughter private because her and her entire family is so public in every other way,” the source told the publication in February. “Ben is a huge support system. He is so kind and caring and Riley needs that right now.”

The insider also shared that the couple could expand their family, saying, “the possibility of more kids is something that both Riley and Ben are very open to in the near future.”