‘Road House’ Reboot Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Announced, Social Media Goes Off

by Megan Molseed

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is officially stepping in to portray the role held by the late Patrick Swayze in the long-discussed Road House movie remake. The news was confirmed by Amazon earlier this week. Joining Gyllenhaal in the project of recreating the 1989 classic action-thriller is director, Doug Liman.

And now fans are sounding off on this casting move. Taking to social media to share their (pretty much) unfiltered thoughts on the casting decision. One Twitter user dropped quite a few “F” bombs after hearing the news, however, they stopped short of using the actual word.

“F this remake,” the tweet begins.

“F Jake Gyllenhaal for making this remake,” the comment continues, noting that “The original is perfect.”

Some Fans Are Sounding Off, Noting That Road House Is A Classic That Doesn’t Need A Remake

One Twitter user took to social media asking why we are always trying to “remake gold.” Just leave well enough alone, and let Patrick Swayzebe the only actor associated with this iconic role the message says.

“OH… HELL NO!!” the comment begins, with the Twitter user adding a cry-laughing emoji.

“Why do they always want to remake gold??!!” the tweet continues. The Twitter user then adds “LEAVE it alone!!” before inserting an eye-roll emoji. “Jake Gyllenhaal to headline Road House remake in Patrick Swayze’s iconic role.”

A Little Family Guy Sarcasm Certainly Gets The Point Across

Another fan gets the point across regarding how they feel about this casting move by noting they would prefer watching another – much more humourous – take on Road House over a version led by Gyllenhaal. The Twitter user adds a clip from the Family Guy episode Brian’s Got A Brand New Bag where Roadhouse becomes the theme of the show.

“I’d rather see this version of [Road House],” the fan says. “[T]han the remake with Jake Gyllenhaal.”

Fans of the sardonic cartoon series Family Guy likely remember the episode where Peter Griffin watches a DVD of the iconic Patric Swayze action flick Roadhouse – and then decides that kicking is the answer to all of life’s problems. In the episode, which aired shortly after Patrick Swayze’s untimely death due to pancreatic cancer, Peter uses the film’s name as a sort of catch-phrase.

Gyllenhaal’s Roadhouse Makes A Few Changes To The Original

The new film features Jake Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter. The remake of the 1989 classic takes Gyllenhaal to a seedy roadhouse in the Florida Keys. This, fans of the original know is a change from the original film’s Missouri setting.

According to an early synopsis of this film, Gyllenhaal’s character soon uncovers some mysterious events shortly after arriving at this roadhouse. What follows is a series of events that set Gyllenhaals’ character up for a wild set of adventures.