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Rob Lowe and Son John Owen Detail Their ‘Healing’ New Series ‘Unstable’

by Samantha Whidden
Rob Lowe and Son John Owen Detail Their ‘Healing’ New Series
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Weeks after the release of Netflix’s Unstable, Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe share details about their “healing” series.

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While chatting with Us Weekly, Rob stated that the story of Unstable is really the story about him and John Owen. “It’s a story about a dad trying to love and support his son through everything,” he explained. “And his son putting up a little bit of a fight. That is a story that almost every parent and child can relate to, and of course, Johnny came in and made it all very hysterical.”

Rob Lowe’s son also said that stepping into the Unstable role was more work and more emotional than he ever thought it would. However, he stated the struggles made the role so special to him. “The more of myself I poured into the show, the more I got out of it for myself. Oh, and having my dad there helped, or sometimes didn’t, but either way, I had a lot of support.”

Rob Lowe then described his character, Ellis Dragon, as a very exaggerated version of him in some ways. “I very much hope I am a little more stable,” he joked. The actor then noted that the show wouldn’t have been the same without John Owen. “We couldn’t have done this show without the other, in every way. There’s no way I was going to do a father-son show and not have my son there.”

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Meanwhile, John Owen Lowe stated that the idea for Unstable had been “brewing” since he and Rob worked together on 9-1-1:  Lone Star.

“I felt like I was constantly in my dad’s shadow,” John Owen explained. “It’s hard not to when he is the star of the show and a producer. When I told people about what I was experiencing, I found that a lot of people could relate to exactly the feeling I was having.”

Rob Lowe’s son went on to reflect on his time in Unstable. “I really had to lean into that feeling all the way,” John Owen said. “Diving deeper into this and then turning it into comedy was more healing than I ever imagined it would be.”

Rob then added that he was thrilled to work with John Owen on the project and gives his son much of the credit for Unstable’s success. “John Owen spent so much of his life in writers’ rooms and on set, and this was the time in his life when he was really ready to carry a show of this caliber. I’m so proud of him.”