Robert Irwin Makes Us All Jealous with Badass Montage of ‘Outback Road Trips’

by Chris Haney
(James D. Morgan / Contributor via Getty Images)

On Saturday morning (in the U.S.), Australian TV personality and wildlife advocate Robert Irwin posted jaw-dropping footage from his recent road trip through the outback. If you’re adventurous in the least, Irwin’s travels will make you envious without a doubt.

In an only one-minute video, Robert Irwin packs enough adventure into the clips than most of us experience in a whole year or more. He recently set out across Australia’s outback, which is an expansive, unpopulated portion of the continent mainly comprised of Australia’s interior and remote coasts. In fact, the enormous region is one of the world’s great natural areas. Perfect territory for the son of the “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin.

The video almost has too many awesome sights to mention. Of course, Robert Irwin’s adventures include various animals he came across in the wild. He captured a huge monitor lizard climbing a tree. He found an echidna at night – a porcupine-looking animal. There’s a turtle, numerous large emus, a cute frog, various snakes, and breathtaking outdoor views throughout.

Other highlights of the road trip include Irwin riding a dirt bike across the outback. He’s seen playing his guitar, doing donuts on his dirt bike, jumping into a lake, and much more. Even his brother-in-law and infant niece, Grace Warrior, make an appearance.

The video montage of his travels across the outback are accompanied by the perfect song in the background. Iggy Pop’s 1977 hit song “The Passenger” plays throughout the clips. The famous lyrics of “I am a passenger. And I ride, and I ride” are more than appropriate considering Irwin’s footage.

“Outback road trips,” Robert Irwin wrote on Instagram beside a pair of emojis – a sun shining and a hand giving the peace sign.

Robert Irwin Praises the Betty White Challenge Along With 100th Birthday Wishes

Recently, Robert Irwin shared birthday wishes for what would’ve been Hollywood legend Betty White’s 100th birthday on Monday, Jan. 17. Additionally, he shared a fantastic way of paying respects to the life of White who passed away on New Year’s Eve. The actress and comedian is a longtime advocate for animals similar to the Irwin family. Following her death, fans created the #BettyWhiteChallenge in her memory, which asked people to donate to animal charities in remembrance of White.

“I Love the idea of the #BettyWhiteChallenge, helping to support animal charities and to celebrate the life of someone who spread so much positivity. Betty’s support for conservation through zoological facilities as well as her love for the fellow living beings we share the world with continues to inspire. She is greatly missed! Thanks so much for thinking of our charity @emmyperryxo,” Robert Irwin wrote on Tuesday.

Robert Irwin reposted his friend’s Betty White birthday tribute. American actress Emmy Perry brought attention to the Betty White challenge with her post. She asked people to get involved with the good cause, and Robert couldn’t agree with its premise anymore.

“Happy heavenly birthday, Betty, you beautiful soul! Today this absolute legend would have been 100!” Perry wrote. “In honor of her and her legacy of love for all animals, let us celebrate her and her amazing work and advocacy by donating $5 to your favorite animal rescue, shelter or charity.”