Robert Irwin Stares Down a Carpet Python in Wild New Photo

by Madison Miller

By all means, the youngest Irwin, Robert Irwin, surely has a strong future ahead of him. The 18-year-old works hard at the Australia Zoo, touchingly following in the footsteps of his late father Steve Irwin.

On top of that, Irwin has a real passion and talent for photography.

He recently posted a photo on Instagram of an extreme close-up of a python ready to strike. As a true Irwin, instead of backing away fearfully, he gets even closer to snap this legendary shot.

“An up-close look at a baby carpet python in a very grumpy mood! Had so much fun photographing this hilarious little character!” he wrote on Instagram.

Rightfully so, Irwin’s fans were blown away by this masterful shot. One person wrote, “Brilliance. What a shot.” Someone else noted that it looked like something straight out of a movie. They wrote, “Looks straight out of Harry Potter.”

It’s not the first time Robert Irwin has shared a jaw-dropping picture on his Instagram. It is called “RobertIrwinPhotography,” after all. One of his most recent posts was a compilation of photos and videos. It’s captioned simply, “Outback road trips.”

It featured a compilation of stunning drone shots, which feature Irwin barreling down dirt paths on his bike. He also has a couple of shots of his family, including Chandler Powell and his baby niece. Of course, he takes moments to photograph the awesome animals around him, too.

Robert Irwin and Bindi Irwin

The Irwin family seems to have a very close bond.

Robert is always posting photos gushing over his niece. Also, he posted a rather funny video throwing axes with Chandler Powell, so he clearly likes his brother-in-law. Not to mention, they all get to spend plenty of quality time together when working at the zoo and filming “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.”

Now, he may just be ready to follow in his sister’s footsteps. By that I mean he wants to take on the popular competition show, “Dancing With the Stars.” Bindi competed (and won) during season 21 of the show in 2015. So, it would be tough step to follow.

“We’ve gotta do that, don’t we? Yeah, I reckon it’s about time, eh” Robert Irwin said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight regarding appearing on the dancing show. He went on to add that he would “give it a go” and that his sister “could give me some tips. I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

His sister and mother both proceeded to tease him regarding his dancing abilities.

Regardless, the Irwin family has a close bond with “Dancing With the Stars.” Terri Irwin even set up a shrine to represent her daughter’s time on the show. “This is a mom thing. OK? This is what I did. It’s like the Bindi shrine. It has the dress she wore when she won the mirrorball and this giant picture. So this wasn’t Bindi’s idea, but it’s the Bindi shrine, and I’m very proud of it,” she said.