Rolling Stones Top World Wide Earnings for Touring in 2021

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/WireImage)

Folks might wonder why the Rolling Stones keep touring after so many years and at their age. However, when you see the money they make it is no mystery.

Of course, Mick Jagger and the band love playing music. You don’t stay together this long and keep playing tours without loving what you do. With that said, it doesn’t hurt when you average making $9.6 million per show.

The Stones hit the road for just 12 shows this year. In the wake of drummer Charlie Watts passing away, the band was able to clean up in the money category. They were the highest-earning act in the world as far as tours go in 2021. Jagger and his crew took in $115.5 million total. That’s a pretty chunk of change.

Over the course of the tour, they sold over half a million tickets at an average price of $223.56. That is a hefty price to see the Rolling Stones. However, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and the Eagles all charged more on their average ticket. They averaged $330, $295, and $229 each respectively.

The Rolling Stones really got the best bang for their time. They only played a dozen shows. Meanwhile, Pop superstar Harry Styles racked up the second most earnings on tour. Styles accumulated $86.7 million from 39 shows. Over three times as many performances for almost $30 million less. Pollstar collected and compiled the numbers for artists across the world.

Pollstar On ‘The Great Return’ to Live Music Worldwide

Not only did the Rolling Stones get out and play shows once again, but the whole world also started going to live shows and seeing music again. 2020 put a global stoppage on live shows. So, this year was the year for artists and fans to get back out and enjoy what they love.

Oh, and for those saying that rock ‘n roll is dead, six of the Top 10 tours were from those in the rock genre. Rock ‘n roll will never die.

“We’re calling it the Great Return because return we did, in droves,” Pollstar remarked. “Last year was the Year That Wasn’t, with touring on a global lockdown … and artists and artists development left o less-than-fulfilling drive-in shows, streaming and social media. Fans largely did without the live thing, and we didn’t like it. Though certainly not without its challenges, 2021 was much different and, as Pollstar data reflects, much better.”

Rolling Stones Top The Rock World

Along with the Rolling Stones, there were a lot of big tours in rock this year. Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer hit the road together for 20 shows and pulled in over $67 million. The Eagles were able to almost eclipse $60mil.

Across the rock landscape were great tours and that shows in Pollstar’s data. Long live, rock, and long live the Rolling Stones.