Ron Howard and Brother Clint Dealt with Conflicting Memories While Writing Memoir

by Courtney Blackann

If anyone’s an expert on growing up in Hollywood, it would be brothers Ron Howard and Clint Howard. The two grew up with cameras all around – which certainly couldn’t have been easy. Yet, the two remain grounded, thanks to their father. However, when co-writing their memoir “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family,” the two have different memories about certain events.

But that’s okay, according to actor/director Ron Howard. Their different perspectives helped enhance the book, not take away from it.

In a recent interview with Fatherly, both Howards sat down to discuss their memoir and lives growing up in a cruel Hollywood industry.

“You know, I had a different perspective than Ron,” Clint Howard says in the interview. “Ron’s brain is five years older than mine. He was more mature during some of this stuff. So, yeah, in the book, you’ll see that a couple of times our memories don’t match up. But, I think both of us have our mom’s gift of gab.”

Both Ron and Clint Howard grew up starring in major television roles. Ron notably appeared on “The Andy Griffith Show,” while Clint took several guest appearing roles on shows.

The two appreciate that despite their upbringing among Hollywood stars, they still had a somewhat normal childhood. On writing their memoir, the brothers shared that their individual perspectives helped shape a more complete picture of their childhood.

“Part of the design of the book was, to facilitate those differences and even benefit from them. When there are discrepancies, we generally we moved them up front and center and, um, and, and made a moment out of it in the book,” Ron Howard says.

Memoir Discrepancies Strengthened Book, Ron Howard Says

Despite any discrepancies in their memories, the brothers both agree that their parents gave them the best upbringing possible when it comes to show business. Both Howard brothers were able to stay grounded and still pursue extremely successful careers.

However, both the Howard brothers still got into a bit of trouble growing up. Though they were mostly well-behaved, the two discussed getting into some mischief when they were just boys. The brothers are five years a part, so they got on well for the most part.

 “He had a great sense of humor,” Clint says of his brother. Ron had a tendency to say what was on his mind, Clint says. Which somehow never got him in any trouble. ” As for how Ron stayed out of trouble, he said, “I played it super safe. I was kind of a goody-two-shoes.”

Ron Howard would go on to direct acclaimed films like “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind,” which would become critically acclaimed and award-worthy. Clint has since starred in some Ron Howard films as well.

The two co-wrote their memoir which is available now on Amazon.