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Ron Howard Chose His ‘Happy Days’ Co-Star to Be Godfather for Daughter

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

When Ron Howard welcomed his first child, Bryce Dallas Howard, to the world in 1981, he asked his Happy Days co-star Henry Winkler to be her godfather. And Winkler did such a good job, that Howard gave him the title three more times.

Bryce thinks he was a fantastic godfather, too. And she takes every opportunity to gush about Henry Winkler, Take, for instance, a 2016 interview with The Talk.

“He’s just the most wonderful man,” she told the hosts. ” It’s great as a kid to have adults who you can go to who are mentors. They don’t have the ability to ground you, but they do have the wisdom of being someone who loves you and who cares about you and is aware.”

After Ron and his wife Cheryl had Bryce, they added two more daughters and a son to their family. And they couldn’t think of anyone better than Henry Winkler to raise them if the Howards couldn’t

“[My wife] and I are the godparents of his children.” Winkler told the Archive of American Television, “He said, ‘God forbid, if anything happens to [Howard’s wife] Cheryl and to me, take them. You can bar mitzvah them if you want. Take them.'”

Henry Winkler Stole the Spotlight From Ron Howard on ‘Happy Days,’ But That Didn’t Stop Them From Being Best Friends

Bryce Dallas Howard has said that both her father and godfather are far from Hollywood divas. And they proved that when they co-starred on Happy Days.

When the classic series began in 1974, Ron Howard was the main character. Coming off of other series like The Andy Griffith Show and movies like American Graffiti, he was already a household name.

But newcomer Henry Winkler ended up stealing the spotlight with his perfect portrayal of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli. And he soon became the star of the show.

And while the surprise switch caused some bad blood between Howard and the producers because they wanted to push him away, it didn’t affect the relationship between the two actors. They ended up becoming best friends and today they consider themselves brothers.

Bryce Dallas Howard even noted how close Henry Winkler is with her parents. Despite their busy A-lister schedules, the two are heavily “involved” in each other’s lives. And they’re always together for the big, special moments.

Winkler even made an appearance when Bryce became a mother. And he was first in line to meet the newborn.

“After my son was born, my parents were there, and he was there,” she told Parade in 2011. “He’s just a very dear friend.”