Ron Howard Remembers Casting His Brother Clint in First Film Project

by Joe Rutland

Ron Howard has been one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. He remembers casting brother Clint in his first film project.

“Well, I was getting more and more serious about making films,” Ron Howard said in an interview with Clint on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” “And I wanted to enter a contest – The Kodak Teenage Filmmakers Contest. And they had a category called ‘The One Reeler,’ where you had to plan out all of your shots and you couldn’t edit it.

“You just had to shoot it and send it in,” Ron Howard said. “And I built the whole thing around this young kid. And it was kind of a ‘Twilight Zone’-ish sort of thing. There was a part for Clint, part for Dad (Rance Howard). And we’re getting ready to do it. Something I carefully planned.

“I’m very nervous about it,” Ron Howard said to Meyers on the NBC talk show. “And I asked Clint to do it. He sort of said yeah. We get there. We’re getting ready to shoot, and he says, ‘I — I hear there’s a cash prize involved if you win something.’ I said, ‘Yeah. You can — You know, first is $200. Second’s, you know $150.’ And he said, ‘Well, I’m gonna need half of that.'”

Ron and Clint Howard have been around the world of show business for more than five decades. They have been doing a lot of interviews in support of their memoir, “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.” Rance Howard, their father, was a guy who worked in the business and appeared on their shows. If you don’t recall, Ron played Opie Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” and Clint played Mark Wedloe on “Gentle Ben.”

Ron Howard Offers Up Name For Someone To Play ‘Happy Days’ Role

For many years, fans of “Happy Days” have wished for a revival of the famed ABC sitcom.

Ron Howard, though, has a suggestion for another person to play Richie Cunningham, his role.

“There’s this kid, his career is really taking off so who knows, but let’s just say I think Jack Dylan Grazer would be great,” Howard told Entertainment Tonight. “That is Brian Grazer — my partner at Imagine Entertainment — his nephew. But nepotism aside, I think he’d be great. He’d be a cooler, hipper Richie Cunningham. If he was willing to take the job.”

Talk about getting a solid recommendation! Holy cow, Outsiders. If anyone would know who should play Richie on the show, then it would be Howard.

These days, Ron Howard is focusing on his directing career in the film industry. But that old acting bug is still a part of his life, too.