Roseanne Barr Has ‘Fun’ With Her Grandkids in Heartwarming Family Pic

by Matthew Memrick

In a heartwarming photo with her family, Roseanne Barr shows off some “fun” she’s having with her grandkids.

The longtime comedienne shared an Instagram photo with six of her grandchildren. The social media photo looked like it was at the pool as two of the grandkids wore swimsuits.

Barr told Extra Magazine in 2018 about the grandkids, saying, “That’s what changed the most in my life. You’ve got to be pushier to your kids and make sure they do right by their kids, so it kind of gives you an excuse to be a big b– that you’ve always wanted to be.”

The family is likely in Hawaii. Barr bought her home in Hawaii’s Waipio in 2007 for $1.78 million. She shares the house with her longtime partner, Johnny Agent. 

She’s had five children over the years during three marriages.

Barr has started to post more social media photos of herself and family members recently on Instagram. In April, she showed off some nice pictures of her first granddaughter. In a recent post, she wrote, “Lil Rosie hates to b tickled.” Another snapshot had the baby girl in a chair wearing an all-red outfit. Barr captioned the post with, “God in Red.”

Barr Relaxing With Family After Years Of Work

After years of TV and movie work, Barr looks relaxed hanging out with her family

Roseanne Barr boasts on her website that she’s been in 195 TV episodes, directed three shows, and wrote three books during her entertainment career.

In September, Barr reportedly listed one of her two El Segundo, Calif. homes for $3.5 million. The website Dirt said Barr picked up the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in 2003 for a cool $1.17 million. At one point in 2008, she rented out the house for a whopping $4,800 per month. 

According to the website Audacity, Barr’s net worth is $80 million. Her hit ABC show “Roseanne” ruled the airwaves for years.

It won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Other awards followed the prestigious Peabody Award, a Kids’ Choice Award, and multiple American Comedy Awards.

Fans wanted the show to bring back its characters, and ABC turned it into “The Conners.” The show is still going strong after four seasons.

But one of Roseanne Barr’s Tweets landed her in hot water. ABC forced her out of her show, and other repercussions followed. TV networks pulled the original show from syndication, and Variety magazine said each episode earned $1 million. 

Former Barr Manager Dies

Jeff Weld, who managed Barr, died on Friday. The manager worked with many celebrities over the years, including Helen Reddy and Sylvester Stallone. Weld was 77.

Recent reports of Weld could not determine when the longtime manager worked with Barr.