‘Roseanne’ Star Johnny Galecki Eyes New Sitcom Set in the ’90s

by Samantha Whidden

Just a little over two years after his hit series Big Bang Theory came to an end, former Roseanne castmate Johnny Galecki is reportedly eyeing a new sitcom that is set in the ‘90s. 

According to Deadline, the new series is an “internet startup comedy” called AOK. The show is now in the works at CBS and will star the Roseanne alum. John Quaintance will be involved. 

While sharing details about the show, Galecki stated that the ’90s is a special period of time that is personal to many, which includes the cast and crew involved in AOK. “We are excited to reimagine the 90’s sitcom through a modern lens as John has created something truly special,” the Roseanne cast member shared. “We hope to surprise people in a familiar place with characters you will fall in love with.”

Deadline reports that Quaintance was previously involved with Will & Grace and CBS pilot Wilde Things. He will serve as creator, writer, and executive producer of AOK. Meanwhile, the Roseanne alum will executive produce through his Alcide Bava Productions banner with production partner, Cory Wood. 

Johnny Galecki Shares Thoughts About Returning on the Set of ‘Roseanne’ Revival

During a 2018 interview with People, Johnny Galecki discussed his return to the Roseanne set after the show was revived. Galecki shared that walking on the sitcom’s set was the most surreal experience he’s ever had. “I was excited to see everyone in the same room again. But what I wasn’t expecting was walking onto that set again. Which the designers recreated to a T.”

Galecki then said that his time on the Roseanne set was very surreal, emotional, and celebratory. “It was like going to your 20th high school reunion, except all the people are your heroes. Not the bullies.”

Galecki was on the original Roseanne from 1992 to 1997 as Darlene’s boyfriend. He played Darlene’s ex-husband on the revived series. The actor said that he felt “great relief” in the fact that his character was still dormant and resurfaced almost immediately 21 years later. “It’s kind of creepy, those characters they reside in you for a long time.”

In regards to making more appearances in the Roseanne franchise, Galecki said he hopes it is a possibility. But scheduling might make things difficult. He also noted that he probably wouldn’t have landed the role on Big Bang Theory if it wasn’t for his appearance on Roseanne. “And they understand the emotional attachment and this high school crush that I still have on this character.”

Galecki made one appearance on Roseanne before the show was canceled once again after Roseanne Barr’s now-infamous Twitter situation. He has since made an appearance on the spin-off series The Conners.