‘Rust’ Cast Reportedly On Board With Finishing Movie After Blessing From Halyna Hutchins’ Family

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Cast members of the movie Rust are all ready to go around completing the movie after receiving the blessing of Halyna Hutchins’ family. One actor is speaking out about it and his name is Douglas Stewart. In the movie, Stewart plays the town father. He said that the biggest hurdle around finishing it was knowing whether or not Hutchins’ family wanted this done. According to him, having her widower involved in the movie is what the cast needed to hear and then move ahead.

TMZ reports that Matthew Hutchins has announced that he is dropping his wrongful death suit against Alec Baldwin, the movie’s producers, and others. He reportedly reached a settlement after the tragedy that killed his wife. Now, Baldwin is on board to finish the movie in the lead role. The rest of the Rust cast will be along, too. Matthew Hutchins is now an executive producer of the movie.

Actor In ‘Rust’ Film Admits To Having Mixed Feelings

Stewart does admit that he’s got some mixed feelings about finishing the movie due to the tragedy. Yet he does say that he is a working actor who has a family to care for in his life. Now, he feels it is the right move what with greater safety precautions and having Matthew involved in the movie now. Stewart also adds that completing this film and a criminal case are separate issues.

The civil settlement does not affect the criminal investigation. Authorities are still saying that some of those involved, and that does include Baldwin, could still be charged. Douglas says he does not think this will have an impact on finishing the film. Meanwhile, Stewart is of the belief that Baldwin is not to blame. He said that it was the armorer who had the responsibility of ensuring safety. That was not up to Baldwin.

Word did come down earlier in October that Baldwin had reached a settlement with the Hutchins’ estate. This movie will continue filming again in January 2023. Beforehand, the family of Halyna Hutchins had filed a wrongful death lawsuit. That was in connection with the shooting that happened on Oct. 21, 2021. Baldwin, while on the set and preparing to film, would discharge a prop gun that killed Hutchins. Assistant director David Halls reportedly instructed Baldwin that the firearm was “cold” or inoperable. Now, though, the lawsuit has been done away with after the settlement. The work will begin again on the film, as we said, in January 2023. All members of the movie’s original cast are reportedly on board to come back. We will have to wait and see how things pan out with Baldwin on the set with other actors.