‘Rust’ Set Had Multiple ‘Negligent Discharges’ Prior to Alec Baldwin Tragedy, Per Police Report

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage/Getty Images)

A new police report about Rust indicates that there were “negligent discharges” of firearm props before Alec Halyna Hutchins’ death. The report states this happened on the set of Rust. Hutchins was the cinematographer of the movie. These discharges reportedly happened in the week before the Baldwin incident.

A final report was obtained by Deadline on Friday. It does put a light on how much chaos was already going down on the movie set that was in New Mexico. The tragedy involving Hutchins happened on October 21, 2021. Reese Price, who was a key grip on set, witnessed the Hutchins shooting on the outskirts of Santa Fe. He actually detailed previous on-set issues to cops in the immediate aftermath. Price even told police an “accidental discharge” involving armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and others happened “twice last week all in one day,” per Deadline.

Report Indicates ‘Rust’ Accidental Discharge Involved ‘Armorer Girl’

“One of the accidental discharges occurred by ‘armorer girl’ who was messing with a gun. The ‘armorer girl’ had the gun pointed down, when it went off accidentally,” according to the report. “The second time, one of the stunt actors went to cock the gun and it went off accidentally inside a shack. Reese expressed his concern about accidental discharges occurring on this particular set, which is something that is not supposed to happen.”

A separate interview about the same incident involved one of the film’s dolly grips, Ross Addigo. He told police that Gutierrez-Reed allegedly had been prepping one of six guns when it fired toward her foot. A few minutes later, he said that a gun discharged at a cabin set but it was not announced, the report indicates.

Set Worker Claimed Six Cameramen Walked Off Set

Addigo claimed six cameramen walked off set that same day. He said that the head of the camera department wrote a letter to the production company. It detailed the number of alleged mishaps. John Ziello, the set’s key rigging grip, also claimed “protocols were not followed during the entire film,” according to the report. He was asked if there had been previous issues while the filming was ongoing.

Ziello alleged that the Rust movie production “cut every corner they could.” Additionally, the 540-page police report confirms some previous speculation about firearms accidentally going off on set ahead of Hutchins’ death. This new report comes weeks after the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department submitted its investigative findings to prosecutors. It includes the evidence collected, investigative interviews, and even the FBI’s forensic analysis of physical evidence. New Mexico’s Office of the Medical Investigator did determine that the shooting was an accident. Prosecutors, though, are reviewing the findings.