‘Seabiscuit’ Horse Actor Popcorn Deelites Dies at 24

by Megan Molseed

One prominent player in the hit 2003 Oscar-nominated biopic Seabiscuit has died. Popcorn Deelites was one of the equines tapped to portray the famous racehorse in the telling of Seabuiscits triumphant tale.

Popcorn Deelites was even ridden by the film’s star, Toby Maguire as they filmed the scene where Seabiscuit takes on the other racehorses including a defining moment in a race against Triple Crown winner War Admiral.

Sad News and A Big Loss

It was announced late last week that the famous horse has died due to complications from colic. Popcorn Deelites was twenty-four years old. The sad news was announced Thursday by Old Freinds Farm in Georgetown Kentucky where Popcorn Deelites has been residing since 2005. In the touching announcement, the Old Friends Farm honored the late horse, noting that “Pops” as they called the equine star, will always have a place in their hearts.

“Pops will always be a shining star in our hearts,” Old Friends Farm wrote in the tribute. The tribute also includes three photos of Popcorn Deelites.

Remembering A Seabiscuit Star

Michael Blowen, the founder of the Old Friends Farm notes that the animal is well known for a warm personality.

“Pop’s Hollywood history made him an enormous fan favorite, of course,” Blowen notes. “But what really won people over was his warm personality and friendly demeanor. Fans adored him and he adored the fans.”

Blowen went on to add that Popcorn Deelites’ fellow equine residents will likely feel the loss of the well-loved Seabiscuit star.

“[Popcorn Deelites] will be sorely missed here on the farm, but I’m sure that his old pal and paddock mate, Special Ring, will miss him the most,” Blowen adds.

After filming the 2005 Seabiscuit biopic, Popcorn Deelites resumed his career as a racehorse. During this run competing on the track, Popcorn Deelites made a total of 58 starts. Winning 11 races. According to the Thursday press release, Popcorn Deelites had total career earnings of $56,880.

During his time portraying Seabusicit, Popcorn Deelites certainly turned heads. Including that of one of his costars on the hit film, Fox Sports racing analyst Gary Stevens. In the oscar-nominated feel-good flick, Steves portrays the legendary rider, George Woolf. And, notes the Hall of Fame jockey, Popcorn Deelites was one of the horses that stood out to him while on set.

“He was my go-to guy in all the big scenes,” George Stevens says. The jockey adds that Popcorn Deelites was a kind and fast horse.

“He not only won real races multiple times,” said Stevens. “But he won the famous match race playing Seabiscuit.”