‘SEAL Team’ Actor AJ Buckley Opens Up on How Being a Father Helps Him Portray Sonny

by Matthew Memrick

Actor A.J. Buckley’s real-life parenting skills go hand-in-hand with his “SEAL Team” character portrayal of Sonny Quinn.

Quinn recently had a son on the show. All the fun that goes with that new beginning isn’t new to the 44-year-old Buckley. In real life, he has three kids (a daughter and two twin boys). 

Buckley talked with CBS’s Matt Weiss about his role.

A ‘SEAL Team’ Dad All Over Again

Buckley gets to go to that overwhelming place again of being a father for the first time with all the worry and heartache that comes with having children.

The actor said he became more vulnerable watching his daughter sing or take ballet lessons. Those moments can “choke me up.”

“For me, one of the biggest things about being a dad too is you realize you’re mortal for the first time,” Buckley said.

Buckley said he worries about death, not being there for his kids, and a terrifying feeling comes over him.

So, what does that mean for Sonny Quinn? Well, Buckley hopes to bring a new dimension to the role.

“I think adding that into a character like Sonny, who is a knuckle dragger and who is OK with dying on the battlefield, is a really cool piece to his character,” Buckley said.

Is ‘SEAL Team’ Character Sonny OK

Wild man Sonny Quinn is going through a lifestyle change with his role as a new dad, fewer missions, and feelings for Lisa Davis.

The old Quinn was reckless and irresponsible at times. He argues with his team, and they dismiss him, which can lead to fights. 

So, Jason Hayes has another mission of getting Sonny to adjust.

Sonny’s got a lot on his mind, so hopefully, no one throws a match near that powderkeg.

Buckley said Quinn is trying to fit in with Davis and not lose her. At the same time, he’s comfortable with her, and he’s taking some time to figure out how to be himself.

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Shines In Black-And-White Photo

The “SEAL Team” star posted a cool self-portrait with some motivational words to start the week.

Buckley got some praise from his wife on the photo and his co-star Max Thieriot. 

Thieriot said, “I love the ol thumb on the lip move got me fully torqued @ajbuckley” 

Halloween With The Buckleys

Speaking of family, it sure looks like Buckley is having fun with his. The family recently moved to South Carolina and is checking out the Charleston suburb of Mount Pleasant.

The actor and his family celebrated the recent holiday with the most fantastic idea for Harry Potter-themed costumes.

Buckley gave all the credit to his daughter Willow. Buckley’s wife, Abigail, dressed up as Harry Potter while Buckley worked awesomely as Hagrid.

Buckley shared the photo while recounting a challenging family moment. But the actor was grateful for his family time.