‘SEAL Team’ Actor and Former Combat Photog Justin Melnick Passionately Explains Show’s Portrayal of War

by Courtney Blackann

The high-risk operations of the U.S. Navy’s most elite forces comes together in the CBS drama “SEAL Team.” While the show’s depiction of danger isn’t far from reality, actor Justin Melnick explains why the writers try to emphasize exactly how tough the job really is.

In an interview last year with Assignment X, the former real life police officer and canine handler explains how the show draws inspiration from real Navy SEALs experiences.

“SEAL Team” is Melnick’s first television series. And he has some thoughts about the process of developing the show in a way that is truthful. And the entire cast and crew work hard to make that a reality.

“We go in every morning, and we finish late every night. We show up like any other job, and we put in a hundred percent,” he says.

He adds that:

“We get hurt, we get sick, but you know what, we all show up the next day to work, because what we’re building is so much bigger than any one of us individually,” Melnick says.

“SEAL Team” is a Reflection of America Actor Says

Further, the actor says that the show is a direct reflection of America – and that is has to be on point or it wouldn’t be as impactful.

“We work on a show that represents America’s heroes, and it is so incredibly important that we do it right. And the writers do such an incredible job of creating that blueprint, the directors are doing such a phenomenal job of showing that, and then you’ve got the actors on this show, who blow my mind every single day. It’s not hard to be there and get lost in the scene, because these men and women are crushing it. They are so phenomenal, so inspiring, and so motivating,”

“SEAL Team” also explores the complex personal lives of the Navy SEALs as they deal with war internally – which is something Melnick says is of equal importance to the show’s portrayal of war.

“Everyone here realizes the cost of war of the last nineteen years. It’s not only the battlefield scars that are coming home, the physical, visual ones, but the internal ones. That’s what’s so important right now. We are shedding light on a subject that is plaguing America, and these veterans need the media’s support,” he adds.

Melnick also believes that “SEAL Team” is more than just a show. He says that the platform is incredibly important and positive. Furthering his point, the actor believes the series has potential to be a voice for veterans and those serving in combat.

“One politician protesting a cause is one thing, but you get a TV show with twelve million viewers getting behind something, we might be able to make a difference and help the people that have sacrificed and risked so much to keep us safe here at home.”