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‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Breaks Down the Intense Training Cast Goes Through for Role

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” is all about working hard, playing hard, and portraying accuracy at every level. So, when the cast trains to be rough and ready Navy SEALs, they really go all in.

Sonny Quinn star, AJ Buckley, spoke with Monsters & Critics in March, detailing his character’s transformation over 4 seasons, and the little things the cast and crew do to make the show as authentic as possible. “SEAL Team” prides itself on that aspect, and so there are a lot of things that go into making the show.

When asked if the cast runs through the missions ahead of time, Buckley answered, “There’s a lot of training and the gear that we wear, it’s all field stuff, so we’ve got probably between 60 to 100 pounds of gear that we’re carrying.”

In addition to the gear, Sonny, as the firepower, carries all the squad’s big guns. “[T]he 2.9 and the Mark 48, which are like 40, 50-pound weapons,” Buckley explained. “So, it’s wear and tear,” Buckley continued, “but just watching the real guys do it when they show us how, it’s just so smooth and efficient.”

He also spoke about how he feels about being able to be on the show. Buckley says, “This is a little boy’s dream to be on a show like this and fly around in Black Hawk helicopters. It’s like, I got to go to the helicopter and fly around, and then go jump off of a boat, and repel down the side of a building. I could not ask for a better job.”

How Many More Episodes of ‘SEAL Team’ Are There?

“SEAL Team” has been ramping up the drama and suspense lately after the move to Paramount+. Things have been getting darker and more intense, just like David Boreanaz promised us. It looks like there are two more episodes left of season 5. The show is going on a break for December, coming back in January with the two new episodes.

Recently, Bravo Team was involved in a building explosion that put them all in the hospital with varying injuries. Clay tried to figure out what went wrong. He talked to each member of Bravo, and got two different stories from Jason in particular. Turns out, Bravo getting caught in the explosion was partially Jason’s fault. His memory is going haywire. Also, he’s forgetting things. He’s having blackouts because of a traumatic brain injury, the result of so many years in the field.

In the upcoming episode, Jason is left stateside while Ray leads the team on a mission. Jason is called in to answer for his actions on the last mission. It looks like the doctors who checked Jason out told his commanding officer about the TBI. It’s possible Jason could be forced to retire or be medically discharged.