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‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Passionately Explains Why Fans Keep Coming Back

by John Jamison
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

AJ Buckley has played Texas-native Navy SEAL Sonny Quinn on SEAL Team since the show began in 2017. As a SEAL, he’s performs best during firefights. And fans of the show love the realistic mission depictions. But what he believes keeps them coming back is the focus on Bravo Team’s personal lives.

As fans of all sorts of TV shows, we Outsiders have picked up on one or two things. Most people recognize quality subconsciously but can’t always put their finger on what makes a series great. For our money, the most important part of any show is getting the audience to invest in the characters.

If all SEAL Team did was depict these warriors in battle all the time, the audience would quickly grow tired of the show. If we don’t care about Jason Hayes or Sonny Quinn, the life or death situations they face won’t have nearly as much impact. And SEAL Team star AJ Buckley tends to agree.

During an interview with Monsters and Critics in March, he shared his thoughts on why fans love coming back to watch the Bravo boys on SEAL Team.

“Well, I think it humanizes these warriors, these men, and women that gave up so much for their country, and then they come back. They have been away for eight weeks; they have been away for a year, not seeing their family, putting their life on the line. That toll on a family alone is a lot,” said Buckley.

Getting a window into the SEALs’ lives as people goes a long way for the audience. Especially considering most of us know how much actual military men and women sacrifice in real life.

AJ Buckley Says ‘SEAL Team’ is About More Than Pure Entertainment Value

Of course, character development is essential for the sake of an audience wanting to watch a show. But for AJ Buckley and the entire cast and crew of SEAL Team, it’s about more than that.

The only way for them to do justice to the challenges, stresses, and dangers real SEALs and their families experience is to show viewers the whole picture. It certainly helps that a ton of people who work on the show are veterans themselves. Buckley, for one, appreciates the opportunity to present the whole picture to the public.

“So, for me, I love that we have a platform that we can talk about this and bring to light what the men and women in our armed forces have to go through daily and the lack of help that’s there. Because we have so many veterans that work on the show, we hold ourselves accountable for telling it as truthful as possible,” Buckley continued in the interview.