‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Opens Up on the ‘Brotherhood’ of Cast

by John Jamison
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Seeing as SEAL Team prides itself on realistic depictions, it makes perfect sense that the actors behind Bravo Team and the crew supporting them share an extremely tight bond. AJ Buckley, who plays Sonny Quinn on the hit series, is in awe of the brotherhood they’ve developed.

It might be more accurate to call it a brotherhood Buckley discovered, though. After all, plenty of actual military veterans work on SEAL Team. These folks have done and seen the things Buckley acts out. The Sonny Quinn actor has seen the commitment it takes to create such a bond through them.

“It truly is a real brotherhood. When you hear these guys’ stories, some of them are missing their limbs. Parts of their arms are gone, or they’ve got scars from the times they’ve been opened up. Some of them have literally been blown up a couple times. One of our guys has been blown up twice and then got stitched up. He then went back to war a year later where he then got blown up again,” Buckley told Mandy in 2018.

Buckley and his fellow SEAL Team cast members do everything they can to portray that brotherhood on the screen each week.

It Takes a Rare Type of Person to Sacrifice Everything for Others, Says ‘SEAL Team’ Star

Irish-born actor AJ Buckley doesn’t need to be American to appreciate the dedication of Navy SEALs. The way he sees it, that dedication isn’t limited to a single country.

The willingness to lay down your life for the sake of your country isn’t unique to a single nation. But anyone willing to do so will find themselves in special company.

“To me, that takes a certain type of human being to love your country so much to sacrifice something that’s bigger than you. That goes to every person in the military across the world, whatever country you’re in. For the mere sake of the love of your country. That’s an incredible quality to possess, to risk it all for everybody else is a really special thing,” Buckley continued in the interview.

AJ Buckley’s Sonny Quinn Is Loosely Based on a Real Person

AJ Buckley is the first to admit that he knew next to nothing about what it took to be a Navy SEAL when he first accepted the role. Fortunately for him, however, SEAL Team took the time and care to base his character on an actual person, which allowed him to soak up tons of information.

“He gets to tell me stories. Plus, I’ve picked up his walk and certain things about him that I’ve been able to apply to my character. It’s a really humbling experience,” Buckley said.