‘SEAL Team’: AJ Buckley Revealed Sonny’s ‘Big Worry’

by Amy Myers

Although SEAL Team actor AJ Buckley might see his character, Sonny Quinn, as a bit of a “knuckle dragger,” that doesn’t mean that he likes his role any less. After portraying “Bravo 3” for three seasons now, Buckley has had the chance to get to know Quinn’s strengths and weaknesses. And lately, he’s also learned a bit more about his character’s fears and worries, too.

Typically, Quinn is the run-of-the-mills southern boy. He’s rowdy with a heart of gold and is always ready for action. But as SEAL Team star Buckley explained, Quinn is not a surface-level character. Rather, he is every bit as complex as his teammates. Part of this depth comes from Quinn’s relationship with Bravo Team Intelligence Officer, Lisa Davis. According to Buckley, Davis helps keep Quinn grounded and willing to face his internal battles. In an interview with CBS Miami, the star discussed just how much Davis means to Quinn and how Quinn’s biggest fear is losing her altogether.

“You know, we’re going to go through some bumps for sure, but I think Davis being the strong woman that she is she will use her ability to be understanding,” the SEAL Team star shared. “I think she provides the strength that allows Sonny to get his stuff together and handle it the way that he should instead of hiding from it or not talking about.”

“I think his big worry too is that he’s going to lose her,” Buckley continued. “He’s finding a place in his life where he can say the words, I love you. This is the girl that he finally can be himself with. He’s kind of known that but it’s just taking a long time to get around that corner.”

‘SEAL Team’ Actor Discusses How Fatherhood Impacts His Character

Although the SEAL Team character might have found the girl of his dreams, that doesn’t mean that he won’t have some obstacles in the future. At the time of the interview, Quinn was just discovering that he would be a father, but not with Davis’ child. While the character was certainly happy that he would be having a child, it meant that someone else depended on him.

For actor Buckley, his own experience as a father of a young girl allows him to access the more “overwhelming” emotions that come with parenthood.

“Once I had my daughter I started crying watching reality singing competitions,” the SEAL Team actor shared. “I see my daughter at ballet class or something and it chokes me up. For me one of the biggest things about being a dad too is you realize you’re mortal for the first time. First you worry about death, you worry about all the things that can potentially happen to you and not being there for your kids. I think that’s a terrifying thing.”