‘SEAL Team’: Bravo Team ‘Isn’t Afraid to Throw Themselves Into the Fire’ in Intense Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

Tell Jason Hayes “the world’s on fire again” and he’ll tell you “yeah it’s on fire, and it’s our job to put it out.” That’s exactly what Bravo Team aims to do in a sneak peek from the new episode.

The team moves through a building in the intense clip, dodging literal bullets as they make their way through what is most likely a terrorist hideout. Jason calls on Grey 1 to ask if there’s any sign of their HVT among those killed by their grenade launcher. It’s a negative; their target most likely escaped.

The new episode will air on Paramount+ on Nov. 14. No title has been released yet, but the episode promises to be intense and fast-paced.

Currently, the team is looking for Mandy Ellis, former CIA liaison for Bravo Team. In episode 4, “Need to Know,” Jason found a photo of her with her hands zip-tied and blood on her face. She hasn’t been on the team since she was demoted from liaison status to field interrogations; she gave up the location of a CIA asset in order to save Bravo Team, and now Bravo is out to save her.

Supposedly, they’re still looking for her. In the most recent episode, “Frog on the Tracks,” the team boarded a train in order to catch a suicide bomber before he could bomb the U.S. Consulate. Boukare is their last HVT, and the possible link to where Mandy is. When he gets off the train, Jason orders Clay and Trent to follow him, against Dryden’s orders. Bravo was later pulled from the Mandy mission, but Davis did some digging of her own.

‘SEAL Team’: How to Watch First Five Episodes on Paramount+ for Free

The last episode ended with Molotov cocktails raining down on Bravo Team’s vehicles. They got out alive, of course, if this sneak peek is anything to go by. But Mandy is still missing, and Bravo needs to get to her before anything tragic happens.

Speaking of new episodes, there’s a way to watch the next 5 episodes for free on Paramount+. As per the official “SEAL Team” Twitter page, using the code VETERANS while signing up for Paramount+ will get you a month free. Before the month ends, you can cancel your subscription without being charged. Here’s the perfect chance to binge-watch all the new “SEAL Team” episodes without costing yourself a dime. Just make sure you remember to cancel on time.

Recently, with the news that “SEAL Team” would be moving to Paramount+, the shared sentiment among fans is that “cable is already high, why would I pay more for another streaming platform?” A few fans commented on the promo code tweet, writing, “Goodbye Bravo. I refuse to pay more money to watch TV. Sad. I love the show,” and “Cable is outrageous and extra channels vary in price! Cost of living is high enough! Gonna miss @SEALTeamWriters.”

Such a drastic loss in viewership could spell cancelation for “SEAL Team.” We’ll just have to wait and see how it does on its new platform.