‘SEAL Team’: Brock Actor Justin Melnick Breaks Down Why His Character Doesn’t Get More Stories

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

One SEAL Team actor works closest with one particular co-star, the furriest one on the set actually. Who is this star? It’s the SEAL Team’s canine officer, Cerberus!

In fact, the actor who portrays the Bravo Team’s canine handler, Justin Melnick, is the real-life owner of Dita, the pup who portrays the Bravo team’s K9 officer.

It’s an important partnership for sure. One that is necessary for the Bravo Team to function properly. However, Melnick notes, it’s this role as the team’s canine handler that prevents his SEAL Team character from getting bigger storylines in the popular series.

“My character is really based around just being there for the dog,” Justin Melnick tells Assignment X in a recent interview of his SEAL Team character, Brock’s role in the series.

Justin Melnick adds that because his role is mainly to be a support player to the dog, his story isn’t necessarily an important one in the series, individually. Brock, Melnick notes, is more of a supporting character.

“We have a lot of phenomenal actors on this show,” Justin Melnick tells Assignment X.

“And we only have forty-five minutes an episode,” the SEAL Team actor explains. “So the idea is, these guys have a story to tell.”

Melnick adds that this doesn’t stop him from aiming to be as much of an asset to the SEAL Team’s crew in any way that he can as the series progresses.

“Anything I can ever do to be part of that story, and help and be an asset, I’m there for,” the actor says.

“But the rest of it, I’ve been in every single episode, but I’m not a main character in the show,” Melnick adds. “I’m there when the dog needs to do something, or there’s a reason for me.”

‘SEAL Team’ Star Brings Some Massive Real-Life Experience

Justin Melnick came to the Paramount+ series after gaining some massive real-life experience as an Indiana police officer.

Melnick’s dog, Dita is a female Belgian Malinois. In the series, Dita’s Cerberus is a dual-purpose Belgian Malinois who specializes in human apprehension and explosive detection.

Justin Melnick found his first acting role on SEAL Team after serving as an officer for many years. He may be new to it, but he seems to be fitting right in with the cast of longtime actors. And, Melnick says, it’s an adventure he has thoroughly enjoyed.

“It’s been such an exciting adventure,” Melnick once said in an interview.

“I’ve had the best acting teachers in the entire universe in my eyes,” the actor continues. “Watching Toni Trucks and Neil Brown Jr, AJ [Buckley], Max [Thieriot] and David [Boreanaz] go back and forth in scenes, every week I’ll focus on something else that they do, whether it’s improv or facial expressions or body language or figuring out where the camera’s going to be so they can get their shots in one take.”