‘SEAL Team’: Check Out the Intense Preview for New Episode

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Are you ready for another power-packed episode of SEAL Team on Paramount+? Wait until you take a look at this preview.

SEAL Team had been a mainstay on CBS for a number of seasons. The show, though, moved over to the streaming service almost halfway through this year.

David Boreanaz stars as Jason Hayes and he’s on the ball for this episode.

So, let’s take a look at what will happen in this intense episode.

Obviously, there’s some shooting and bombs going off here.

Did you notice what looked like a lightsaber being used in one of the scenes?

SEAL Team continues to bring the heat for its fans. Some of them who watched it on CBS religiously, though, may not be able to get it on Paramount+.

But the show airs on there and looks like it will until the series comes to an end.

‘SEAL Team’: Let’s Check Out What Happened in Most Recent Episode

SEAL Team continues to rock out a number of storylines.

Let’s take a look, Outsiders, at what happened in the show’s most recent episode.

Ray, played by Neil Brown Jr., and Clay, played by Max Thieriot, brought their own concerns to Jason.

Why now? Well, Jason confronted them both about the watch schedule.

Needless to say, Jason is really disappointed in Ray for, as he puts it, “falling prey” to Clay’s ideas. Clay and Ray both just get down to some truth about the building collapse.

Both of them say it was Jason’s memory issues that put Bravo Team in the hospital. This did not suit Jason well and he just stormed off.

Jason Has Finally Hit The Point That He’s Willing To Go Out on ‘Own Terms’

Oh, but Ray and Clay later find Jason on the roof of their base, gun in hand. This is the point of serious soul-searching for Jason.

See, he’s finally reached his breaking point and accepted that there’s something seriously wrong. 

What upsets Jason is that his career is going to end “in the worst way possible.” What does this mean, Outsiders? It appears that Jason is willing to leave on his “own terms.”

Oh no, SEAL Team fans.

Ray reaches out to Jason again the next day. He ends up taking Jason to breakfast, a silent breakfast.

Yet Ray takes him to Marc Lee, a former Ranger who lives in the area. Why? Well, Marc also suffered from a traumatic brain injury. His healing methods involve the use of psychoactive plants. Jason gets some juice from the San Pedro cactus, which puts him in a psychedelic trance.

While under the influence, Jason sees three of his former teammates, Curtis Johnson, Jorge, and Full Metal. He apologizes for their deaths, but they don’t blame him.